Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Minne Vac + The Magic of a Southwest Credit Card

Do you have a Southwest credit card? Well you need to get one ASAP! BECAUSE #notanad I was able to fly to my Minnesota girls weekend for only $11.20! You read that right! And it's all because of their points. I put EVERYTHING on my Southwest credit card and then pay it off every pay day. Since then I've earned enough points to go to Liz's bridal shower in Minneapolis and boy did we have a great time!

I've been a bit obsessed with the Mall of America in Minneapolis ever since I saw The Mighty Ducks. It was one of my favorite movies growing up and needless to say, walking into the Mall of America was like walking on to the set of one of my favorite films!
But that was not why we traveled to Minneapolis this past weekend. It was to celebrate Liz's bridal shower! Our Miami bachelorette crew plus Liz's fam, came together for cupcakes, laughter and a few tears! I even won 3rd place in our romantic movie couples matching game and won....a coffee mug! PERFECT right?!

Liz showed us her hometown for the first time and we had a blast!

Here are my favorite Minneapolis highlights:

Hola Arepa - THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD I'VE EVER HAD! Their Margs were pretty great too!

Lake Harriet - PERFECT after our Cinco De Mayo feast!

Mall of America - Mighty Ducks Meca....also great shopping. LOL
Alma: Cafe, Restaurant and Hotel - The most Instagramable hotel in Minneapolis! PLUS their complimentary breakfast from the cafe downstairs is to DIE for!!
Biking across the river to view the great flour disaster and rivalry between Gold Medal Flour and Pillsbury! The rentable bikes were right across the street from the Alma Hotel! And only $6 for an entire day of biking!
The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden - FREEEEEEEE + on a nice day, it really is the most perfect spot to stroll. And get your Insta on!
The music note wall. It’s a five-story mural on the side of a building near 10th and Marquette.

The star wall on First Avenue Night Club.

ALL THE TARGETS!!!! {Target was invented in Minnesota!}

Marvel Bar {a hidden speakeasy!}.

My two days in Minnesota were so fun! If you live there or are looking for a new place to visit, I highly recommend these spots Liz took us to. There is so much great food and the weather is perfect this time of year! So get that new credit card, save up those points and get away for your own little adventure!


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