Friday, February 16, 2018

Living Lively

Have you ever had a brand you connected with right away? From the moment I saw their first photo on Instagram, I was completely intrigued by the brand Lively. As a creative and a photographer it is sometimes hard for me to connect with brands. I'm always searching for unique and beautiful imagery, along with a message that speaks to my journey.

Lively believes about being apart of a community of smart, strong women doing the things they love with the people they love. I hope that everyday that is what I am doing here and in my life. You nerds have stuck by me for so many years and I just hope that my sharing the tough things...and the happy times with you, I have built the beautiful community I was out to do from the very beginning. I know I have.

Now I didn't try Lively right away! I poured over their Instagram for what felt like months. Then in April of 2017 I made my first purchase. I was obsessed with the look of their bralettes and I was tired of my old underwire bras. Right away, I bought three bralettes and I've never looked back.

After that initial purchase, I went back for, three more bralettes, two sports bras, their GORG and actually functioning strapless bra, and two bathing suits, over the course of the rest of the year.
Why am I hooked? First of comfort. We all want comfort in something we have to wear EVERYDAY ALLLLLLL DAY! They are comfortable and supportive. I don't have the smallest chest, but I always feel like my ladies look good in Lively. PLUS Lively's sizes go all the way up to DDD + maternity!

Second is style. I want to feel pretty with what I put on my body. I LOVE their colors, patterns and simplicity. Lively's leisurée makes my two musts come together. I am always passionate about using my creativity to help share a brand I connected with.
In my year long journey loving Lively, I couldn't say enough good things about them! I'm sure you've heard! LOL But I am now super excited to announce that they have asked ME to be one of their very first Brand Representatives! I couldn't believe it! I now get to share my journey with even more amazing women side by side with Lively and their beautiful mission.

BUT that's not good for JUST ME! I get to share it with you as well!

With code: AMB-thenerdygirlie2 my lovely lady nerds can get $10 your Lively purchases! I cannot wait to hear what you think about Lively! Share you thoughts in the comments below, hit me up via email or on socials! This is the year of making your mark on the world ladies! Let's do it in style together!


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