Monday, July 3, 2017

My 1st DCC & Why Friends Are So Important At Cons

More Coffee Please mug by Blush & Jelly

The first day of Denver Comic Con was a bit of a wash for me.


I introduced you to my new rebrand which I love! DCC gave me the time and the place to do that. There was just one thing missing. And I found that on the second day.
Day two my BFF @growlingsteph came and picked me up in a Porche! She had switched cars with a friend, to my surprise and we drove down to the convention center, stopping at Starbucks all with the top down and great music blaring!
I realized then what I had been missing the day before. Cons are for friends! I was so happy that she was there. We found some great stuff together!
First stop?! Her favorite and to my realization a love of mine too...Katie Cook! My BFF +Elizabeth Giorgi bought me a Katie Cook piece for my birthday last year and I was so excited to meet Katie in person and get some more of her cute art! Steph suggested we have a friend portrait done to commemorate our Denver Comic Con together {and because she's moving}. So that was both of our first pieces.

Afterwards Steph got a Spider Gwen and I got Ocean Eyes a portrait of his pup Piper! Spoiler alert: He LOVED it!
Next stop...Steph found out that the animator of Darkwing Duck, Tad Stones was there! We both loved the show growing up and she just so happened to be wearing his shirt that day. We were both excited to get over and see him right away! You can see her excitement in the photo and I just love it. That is my Steph to a T! She bought the last of his little original Darkwing Duck drawings and found out that he was a really wonderful guy! Our day was off to a great start!
I love the way that Steph does a Con. We went down every row of Artist Alley checking out all of the different art. Finally I spotted someone I recognized! I had fallen in love with a cover of the Denver Westword magazine and I spotted the artwork at one of the booths. I squeed, pointed and we hurried over. Come to find out the artist Kaitlin Ziesmer had even more great art than that cover! I got the cover art in a button for my badge, a Dalek "religious" candle {SO CUTE} plus this amazing Darth Vader piece.....
Ocean Eyes loves it too. I got it framed for our wall today! It is in the perfect spot where people can see it, our bar! Along with the candle came a similar print but a Cyberman. We even went back a second time to get another piece for Steph! You must check her out, she's amazing and she is a Denver local!
One of the last booths I was stoked on was Steam Crow. They sounded familiar, but I couldn't place them. But when I saw creator Dan's cute food art I was hooked. I bought these three pieces for our kitchen! Steph and I even had a great chat with Dan about his fun Monster Scout endeavor. He is such a fun business minded guy. He gave me some GREAT branding ideas and I cannot wait to figure out how to put them in to place.

Other favorite artists to you should check out:

Thomas Estrada - Artist from Emperor's New Groove and The Road to El Dorado {I totally fangirled! Those are two of my most favorite animated films}
Jeannie Schafer - Adorable CATS!!!!
Kiki Doodle - One word: Purrmaids
Lastly we hit up our one and only panel. James and Oliver Phelps. And since I was press, we walked right into the second row! It was such a fun panel and made me NEED to do another Harry Potter marathon ASAP! They are such sweet, charming and funny guys!
Take away from Denver Comic Con? Cons are meant for nerding out, friendships and great discoveries! I cannot wait to see you all at SDCC and to discover even more great things!


Sarah said...

I wish we had some cons in WI

B. said...

Cons are always more fun with friends! I've done a few solo, and it's nice to be able to just do what I want without having someone to compromise me or worry about, but it's just not the same!

Kay said...

I agree, cons with friends are way more fun! You scored some great art - Katie Cook is so lovely right? I got to meet her at Free Comic Book Day one year and she's so sweet. Love her art and comics!

Megan Price said...

Every con I've been to has included my -now- fiance, and we just have the best time. We don't always manage to fit every little thing in for the weekend but we're there together. The Artist Alley is always my favorite place to be. Meeting and talking to the talented artists there and purchasing some of their hard work is exciting! Also, panels! My favorite panels have been (so far) Little Kuriboh (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged and more) and Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric voice actor from FMA and more). Amazing people and so funny!

One another note, I am loving this new layout! It's very chic and grown-up!

Thomas Estrada said...

It was very nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by! -Thomas Estrada

Megan Elvrum said...

Thank you @Megan Price I'm glad you are loving it! I'm feeling more chic and grown up! Artist Alley was defiantly new to me and it was so much fun! It is a must see now! xx

Megan Elvrum said...

@Kay she was great! My friend loves her and I'm glad we got to experience her together! xx

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