Saturday, July 1, 2017



What do you think of the NEW The Nerdy Girlie site?! I've been thinking about changing it for about a year now and the day has come that I finally pulled the trigger.

With some help from Ocean Eyes...he designed the new banner logo...I found the template on Etsy and even installed it myself! I was quite proud of myself for that!

WHY the change?

A few reasons. 

1. I've been working hard on 100 Cups of Coffee for two years now and I really wanted that to be incorporated into my blog.

2. I was worn out on the VERY girlie-ness of the site. I think the new look is still girlie, but in a more put together and grown up way. 

3. I needed a restart. With SDCC coming up, I felt like I've wanted to go full force on my tips and tricks for you. I've updated almost all of them and am having a fun time changing the graphics and making them social media friendly.
I even did all of this updating at Denver Comic Con. I took my Saturday off to go to my very first DCC and if I'm being honest, I felt a bit out of place. Maybe because I was alone, maybe because it was my first con in almost two years. IDK. But I am happy to say that the blog got its needed update at DCC and that felt like the perfect place to do it.
So CHEERS to new beginnings. AGAIN. I'm so happy to continue to be evolving in this thing we call adulthood. And to carry along my Studio DIY clutches with me along the way!

How cute is this month's?! It is my favorite shape clutch and I just adore the metallic bubbles on it. I pretend they are champagne bubbles, because those are my favorite type of bubbles! The lavender is also probably my favorite color clutch so far!

SDCC is on the horizon and if I'm being honest, I'm a bit nervous I'll feel the same way as I did at DCC. BUT I know that I'll get to see all of YOU and that really makes me feel all bubbly inside! See you there nerds!


Galaxy Girls said...

Hi Nerdy Girlie, I love the look of the new site! It's beautiful!

Alyssa said...

The new layout is beautiful! Its so sleek and modern yet still very girly!

Megan Elvrum said...

@Alyssa thank you so much! So glad you like it! I'm really loving it as well! xx

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