Monday, July 24, 2017

#CANTCLUTCHTHIS July: Bachelorette Time

Now that my bestie is engaged, we've been in full force wedding mode. Looking at all the venues, dresses, flowers and where we should have her bachelorette party!

The only decision we've made is that it has to be at the beach. Here is our short list of options.

1. Palm Springs. Yeah I know it isn't the beach...BUT it has so many Insta worthy places + a major chill factor! I would love to do a girl shoot at THE PINK DOOR, Salvation Mountain, 7 Magic Mountains and stay in an adorably retro Air B&B! My favorite blogger and creator of #cantclutchthis has the BEST guide to Palm Springs too!
2. LA. We all know that I'm an LA expert and have TONS of great places to see and do + BEACH! It would be great to stay in a place over looking the ocean. Roof top pool?! Plus cannot miss a chance at going to Republic of Pie! My bestie and I have some moments there! Plus Insta worthy places like The Chandelier Tree, Griffith Observatory and the Pier!

3. Miami. A place I have never been! And has the best beaches. This one is at the top of my list, but that is up to the Bride!
4. Salida, CO. It doesn't have a beach, but it has the chicest little motel: Amigo Motor Lodge, great food, cute shops and HOT SPRINGS! Almost as good as a beach, am I right?! Defiantly relaxing!
Where did you go for your bachelorette party or one that you helped plan? What did you do there! We are open to suggestions! Things are starting to get exciting!
Ok this month's clutch?! OMG I about died when I saw it for the first time. The pouch is clear with "aqua water" inside and filled with the best glitter ever! And this month I just had to add on the flair which was the pink flamingo pool float. Flamingos are my spirit animal! This clutch is going to be perfect for any vacation my bestie chooses!

You can get on the list for next mont's clutch HERE! Be sure to hurry, this one sold out in less than a day!


Usagi said...

I say hit up Miami if none of y'all have been there!! New place to visit!
But like you said, all up to the bride to be!!

Also, love the clutch!!!

B. said...

I've been to Miami a few times, but feel like I've aged out of it! At least South Beach! LOL No matter where you go, it'll be a great time!

Mija said...

We had a group party/shower for both our friends. It was hosted in a rustic industrial car/garage and our friends and family came!

Wedding planning is no joke but can be super fun!!!!

Krispy said...

These are NOT beachy, but if you're going for a relaxation bachelorette (which is what we did for my best friend's wedding - she wanted a chill girls weekend), we went to Sedona for a long weekend! It was one of the best experiences ever - flew into Phoenix, rented a car, and drove to Sedona through gorgeous red-rock desert. The place we stayed at had a spa and restaurant by a river, duck feeding sessions and yoga in the morning. They also provided s'mores supplies for us to enjoy with our fireplace. And we spent to days hiking.

This same friend had her wedding in Palm Springs at The Parker, which is super cute and mid-century modern. Another relaxing, joyous weekend spent.

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