Friday, October 28, 2016

Nerd Crafts: Crafting With Feminism

I've been a huge fan of Bonnie Burton since I began my blog. I was on the search for women who were nerdy like me and Bonnie was a perfect example of that! She doesn't shy away from her love of all things nerdy and is a great example of what it takes to stand up for the women of our community.

That is why I am so excited to share here NEW book with you Crafting With Feminism! Crafting has been a big part of my blog. I love creating Nerd Crafts and Bonnie now has an entire book full of them!
Her Super-heroine Wrist Cuffs are the perfect choice for an easy and fun Halloween costume! You have 4 days people! I just had to have a little craft party of my own so I could have a cute little something to wear to work for the holiday!
And so, I went to my very first Hobby Lobby and got lost in there for an hour! There were so many great goodies and insperation! But of course I had to pick up the supplies I needed for my craft night!

Super-heroine Wrist Cuffs


A Glue Gun {best invention ever for crafting!}
Star Stickers
Toilet Paper Tubes {saved from home! You know we go through them quickly! LOL}

I loved this craft because it was super easy and they came out so chic!

Step One: Cut a slit in your TP roll.

Step Two: Lay it flat onto your chosen color of felt and trace the size of the TP roll. Cut out your felt shape. Glue it onto your TP roll.

Step Three: Create your design! I chose red white and blue. I added a red stripe down the middle with my glue gun and added on some silver star stickers. Secure the star stickers with a tiny dab from your glue gun!

Step Four: Rock them!
Bonus tip: You can secure your wrist cuffs to be as tight as you need them for your wrist with a hole punch on each side of the opening and some string!
Crafting night would not be complete with out some homemade pizza made by Ocean Eyes! He makes my favorite brussel sprout and balsamic!
AND to finish up crafting night, we did some pumpkin carving for our Halloween party tonight!

Thank you Bonnie and Quirk Books for sending me such a fun Halloween treat! I cannot wait to share more crafts with you in the coming months. Especially a highlarious one that Ocean Eyes requested for our Christmas tree! If you have the book, turn to page 59. If you don't you will just have to wait and see!

You can follow Bonnie on Twitter @bonniegrrl & Quirk Books @quirkbooks.

Pick up your copy of Crafting With Feminism HERE!


Aloki said...

Totally just bought this book! Awesome!
You should post the recipe for Ocean Eye's pizza. 😄 It looks beyond delicious.

Megan Gotch said...

Thank you babe! I will have to ask him! It is so good!! xx

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