Monday, October 31, 2016



I had a BUSY weekend! I'm so glad I have to day off! We had TWO BIG parties.

First, this year was my very first time throwing a Halloween party! Ocean Eyes is a pro at it and together we made the house extra spooky and had all of our best buddies over. Shout out to The Dollar Tree for all my decorations. And to our guests who all brought their A game on costumes!
We had Santa and his reindeer, Dancer, Comet and Donner the Downer. Santa brought presents and we were singing carols all night!
My besties were a spot on Ghostbuster and and a enchanting galaxy!
I was so excited to do my very first couples costume for a Halloween party. Ocean Eyes agreed to be a Care Bear with me but with his own special twist! LOL! I DIYed our tummies and our ears! Our sweatsuits we ordered off of Amazon. It was such a fun, comfy and EASY costume. And everyone knew who we were!
I loved having everyone decorate their own pumpkin! I found these little white pumpkins at Trader Joe's and just KNEW all of my creative friends would have fun decorating them! I LOVE THEM!
Our second party was a going away party for a few of Ocean Eyes' friends who are heading out on amazing adventures this year. Two are driving from Colorado to the tip of South America for the next year! You can follow their adventures on their site 4 Runner 4 Adventure. And on Instagram @4runner4adventure.

One of his other friends is heading to Thailand {Aladdin below} and beyond to backpack for the next 8-12 months! We wish them all safe, fun and amazing adventures!
How was your Halloween weekend? What did you dress up as? What are you doing tonight!? I cannot wait to hand out candy in my comfy costume and watch a scary movie with Ocean Eyes. Not too scary though! Share your Halloween adventures in the comments below!


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Love your costumes! They look so comfy. :D

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