Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Denver Brunch Tour: Onefold

You would never know from the outside that this tiny restaurant on the corder of construction and no parking could change your life. I went to Onefold {1420 East 18th St.} for the first time in December when I came out to stay in Denver with my BFF for the month. What I thought was to be a girls brunch ended up throwing my girl power, girl boss self for a loop.

{Read about that surprise guest HERE}

Open the door and walk into a galley style seating area complete with an adorable white bench flowing against one wall and flower lined tiny tables for guests to crowd around together. You must really like your company if you are to dine here! Which I always do!
You can also choose a bar seat that over looks the kitchen flowing with tasty smells. Sitting down with a menu, I jumped right to my favorite dish: eggs, hash browns and toast, but my BFF encouraged me to try something new. So I picked: BREAKFAST TACOS.
YES. Breakfast tacos. My brunch lyfe changed then and there. A house made flower tortilla, crunchy hash browns, scrambled eggs, topped off with mozzarella cheese. Completing the order are two house made salsas, one red and one green, both amazing! I fell in love upon my first bite. In two months I've been back four times. And every time it is breakfast tacos. Though my second favorite would be the breakfast fried rice and the crepes are also amazing!

Basically, Onefold is not to be missed!
I'm not a huge fan of their coffee as it is medium roast, but I do adore their chia latte and orange juice soda!

To walk off all those crazy calories...not that I'm counting, head over to the adorable little shop called Soul Haus {1225 East 17th Ave.} and next to that is Pandora on the Hill {1227 East 17th Ave.}. Get some great eats and then shop off those calories...again totally NOT counting :)!



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