Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Best San Diego Coffee Shops

That is a wrap on LA! OMG. SAD TEARS, HAPPY TEARS....WTF am I doing tears!! 

BUT I hit up all of my favorite coffee shops in LA and have now moved on down the road to San Diego.

1. Cafe Calabria in North Park. This was the very first coffee shop that I ever went to in San Diego. I rediscovered it again after I moved away and it is such a cozy little spot to sit and write for hours or chat on the phone with a BFF like I did. Plus they have twinkle lights strewn about the cafe. I am such a sucker for twinkle lights!
2. Fig Tree Cafe in Pacific Beach. Another twinkle light eatery in San Diego. I totally have a type! But Fig Tree Cafe is THE place to eat when I am in San Diego. I take all my favorite people and it has the best atmosphere and soundtrack!
3. Lazy Hippo in The Gaslamp. This lil place is a very new find! I found it while strolling in the Gaslamp during SDCC and was reminded of it when I came down to work in San Diego one weekend. Isn't it the cutest?! Plus they have a cute lil outdoor seating area and their coffee is legit. It is all about the atmosphere, but if the coffee sucks...it's a no go! SO add this place to your San Diego Comic Con eatery list!
4. Nutmeg in Poway. It took me moving away to finally visit this place. Good atmosphere, yummy coffee and treats and I just die over the name! I've always wanted Nutmeg to be my nickname since Hades called Megara it in the Disney Hercules movie! LOL
5. Better Buzz. Another place that is super Instagram-able! Their bright spaces, cool signage and THE BEST Roasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate I've ever had in my entire life. I dream of that drink!

Have you all found any SD coffee shops you must visit during Comic Con?! Share with me in the comments below. Let's make a huge SDCC coffee list! And when you head to San Diego you MUST try THESE places. EVERY ONE! You know you need ALL the coffee to get you through the con! Enjoy!!

Denver here I come!


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