Monday, January 11, 2016

Goodbye Starman…

This is the first blog post I’ve written through teary eyes...

Yesterday morning I woke up to the news that David Bowie died and I’ve been an emotional wreck ever since. If I hadn't been traveling, and getting ready for a board meeting, I would’ve been home curled up in front of my record player listening to the musical icon that meant so much to me and the world. I pulled myself together, and now that I’m sitting on a plane home at 30,000 feet I feel like I can give into my feelings and reflect on one of my musical heroes.
Photo: BBC News Washington, DC bureau paid tribute to David Bowie

The news of David Bowie’s passing hit me like a punch in the gut -- so shocking and unexpected. Just last week he celebrated his 69th birthday and released an album -- little did we know it was his final gift to his fans. Of course now his song, Lazarus, and the accompanying video make so much sense, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to watch the video again -- it just hurts too much.

Front page of the Financial Times

Several people asked how I was feeling when I found out about his passing -- I guess they knew I’d be affected and to be honest I’m heartbroken. I remember the day John Lennon died, but I was really too young to appreciate the magnitude of his loss at the time, but there is no doubt about the depth of this loss to me and music fans my age. David Bowie is my John Lennon. I am just young enough to have missed the Ziggy Stardust era in all its glory, but as an original MTV kid, Bowie soundtracked my adolescence and his style influenced my fashion. He was truly the poshest, most innovative, and beautiful human being that I ever laid eyes on. He was otherworldly, but beyond the theatrics and glamour it was his music and lyrics that made me a lifelong fan.

It seems just about everyone I know has a “Bowie moment” in their life, and last week in celebration of his birthday I posted on my social media about my Bowie moment. I posted a video of Bowie performing Heroes at the Live Aid concert in 1985. I still remember watching this powerful performance and in that moment the words and sentiment of the song took up residence in my heart. Over the years whenever I’ve faced challenges, there’s been a little voice inside singing the refrain “We can be heroes...” -- Bowie sang it and I believed it.

I am so grateful for David Bowie, the music he shared with the world, and his fearless, artistic vision. I am having a hard time coming to terms with the reality of a world without David Bowie. He lived his life in Technicolor, but today the world seems a little darker without our Starman. How blessed we were to have you, David Bowie...thank you will never be enough.


  1. I'm still so broken hearted about this! It's like one of the last living pieces of magic died. I really want this not to be true! As someone who got picked on by extended family and school mates, losing an icon like this has been rough! David Bowie had an incredible presence, and I'll miss him!

  2. Beautiful words <3

  3. Tillie ElvrumJanuary 13, 2016

    Thank you for reading -- it's been healing to read other's memories of Bowie and what he meant to them personally. He touched so many lives.

  4. Tillie ElvrumJanuary 13, 2016

    At least we have each other, Joie -- he bonded every person who every questioned themselves, society, and anyone who felt like they were a misfit and didn't belong.

  5. Melissa (Eris)January 13, 2016

    Crying again here. He was such an inspiration and a beautiful soul. He even used what time he had left to say goodbye to us fans in a beautiful and sad way, Blackstar is his goodbye note. Always the true and pure artist