Monday, July 6, 2015

Where To Find Me at SDCC 2015!

I am heading down to San Diego Comic Con TOMORROW nerds and it STILL doesn't feel real. Last year I had JUST moved to LA, so I still felt like a San Diegian. NOW I am officially an Los Angeleno and going down to SDCC is feeling like a surreal experience. Being separated from San Diego makes SDCC feel different. I'm not sure I'm as prepared as I have been in the past. Schedule wise I am, but mind isn't trying to think about all the crazy things I've signed up for.

BUT none the less...SDCC is ALMOST here and when I finally arrive in San Diego and see the convention center and see the banners, I'll realize that I am officially home.

MY FAVE part of SDCC is seeing all of my nerd friends! It is like a HUGE family reunion! Hopefully I can see you ALL at one of these amazing events!

Tuesday: The Nerd Fu podcast! I cannot wait to FINALLY podcast with some of my favorite nerds!!

Wednesday Preview Night:

Dragon's Den {315 10th Ave.} 9pm-12am.


Geeks Go Glam at the San Diego Public Library Patio. Tickets on sale NOW.  We will not be selling tickets at the door. SO MUCH AWESOME will be happening! Hope to see you there!

SherlockeDCC SOLD OUT at the San Diego Central Library!

Hannibal panel Ballroom 20, 5pm. Get your flower crowns ready!

Phineas & Ferb panel 10am in room 6BCF. It will be so sad to say good bye to such an amazing show.

What are you nerds most excited about? What are your MUST see panels? I HOPE I'll be seeing you at any of these events! Let me know in the comments below! Safe travels nerds! xx


B. said...

I hope you have a great time Meg!

Whitney H said...

Have so much fun!!! We got married the same weekend as SDCC four years ago so I am determined to spend our anniversary there one year!

Katya Owu said...

Sounds fun! Hope you have an awesome time!

Kendall Ashley said...

Have a blast! Take ALL THE PICTURES! :)

melificent said...

I am both excited for you AND beyond jealous! Have so much fun - I'll be living vicariously through your IG pics ;)

Mallory @ bad.wolf.brunch said...

YAY see you at Game of Bloggers!!
xx mal

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