Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Geeks Go Glam Giveaway Sponsor: ThinkGeek Solutions

Many people know the main ThinkGeek store for their many amazing wares, but not as many are aware of the very cool work of their Solutions counterparts. Those peeps make online stores and official merchandise for major gaming brands including Betheseda and BioWare. I know you love their games, but I’d bet you’d love their awesome merch too. 
We can’t tell you exactly what they’re going to be giving away, but if the previews we’ve been seeing are any indication, you definitely have every reason to be excited about it. 
We’re so grateful to ALL our sponsors and can’t wait for you to meet them. If you haven’t already seen: we’re going to have a great photobooth brought to you by Quirk Books and one of their newest titles: The Fan Girl’s Guide to the Galaxy. And swag for EVERYONE from the amazing WattPad. We will be rocking out to my favorite band, The Filthy Souls, thanks to High Voltage Magazine. And of course, you’ll be thirsty after walking around all day, so we’re really excited for you to meet Kombucha on Tap, who will be bringing us fresh Kombucha and brewed ice coffee. 
I can’t believe it’s finally happening THURSDAY!
If you still haven’t gotten your tickets for Geeks Go Glam, you gotta do it! Visit geeksgoglam.com to pre-order! (That’s important! We won’t be offering tickets on site!)


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