Monday, June 8, 2015

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #14: Dark Waves

Do you know what my most favorite thing in the world is? Being surrounded by music. EVERY TIME I go to a show I realize this time and time again. It happened in Phoenix. Again at The Viper Room last week and this Saturday at the Make Music Pasadena Festival.
I don't remember how I found Dark Waves aka Nick Long, but it all began on Instagram. If you DON'T know, as a photographer, Insta is my favorite way to express myself, besides this blog!

Like I said, I don't know HOW I found Dark Waves on Insta, but the happy thing is that I did. I don't remember if I knew he was a musician or not. I just knew he was a great photographer and I'm kinda a Insta snob as in I only {for the most part} follow accounts that inspire me.
When High Voltage Magazine asked me to shoot for the Make Music Pasadena Festival I was excited to see Dark Waves on the line up. Even better than experiencing live music, is experiencing it with friends who GET IT and my High Voltage ladies get it.

Dark Waves hit the stage and I hit the pit ready to shoot. Upon his first note, I had the hardest time shooting. I think I ended up shooting as fast as I could and by the end of the second song, I had to be done. Nick grabbed my music loving heart with his first strum and I was a swooning puddle doing the best I could to complete my assignment.
When I knew I had what I needed I re-joined my friends and melted {and not just from the heat}. Songs that really grab me, make me do something very specific. It might sound weird, but I have to grab my heart and just close my eyes and be in the moment. When it's REALLY good I have to grab my friend next to me. BOTH things happened during Nick's performance.

And since I got in my car at the end of the festival day the Dark Waves EP has been on repeat. My favorite songs being The Heartbeat The Soul and I Don't Want To Be In Love.
NOW go LISTEN to Dark Waves AND follow him on Insta! Not just one...BOTH! Learn from my failures. I am so happy to have Nick's music in my life now, better late than never right? Thank God he is LA based! I cannot wait to see him preform live again! #swoonmusic

Twitter: @darkwaves
Insta: @dark_waves
Spotify: Dark Waves
Facebook: Dark Waves
Dreaming that everyday could be a festival day and living our live on the rails.


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