Monday, June 1, 2015

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #13: Bad Veins At The Viper Room

I don't know why I am always surprised by how much I LOVE live music. I am always happy and excited to go to shows, but as soon as the band hits the stage and their music fills my ears, I am transported to my happy place. It is like a musical awakening. I cannot stop smiling, dancing and just living in the moment. I have found it increasingly harder to want to photograph my favorite bands. Usually my bands sets are only thirty minutes long...which isn't much. I want to be in those thirty minutes with no distractions, just music, it is what I live for.
I was of course introduced to Bad Veins by The Music Maven. Surprise, surprise am I right?! Three years later and I've gotten use to seeing my boys every May. The same month, the same week and sometimes the same day each year. So when they announced a one off show at the famous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip, there was no question of wether I'd be in the crowd or not.
What I have really loved as of late, is meeting up with friends that you haven't seen in a long time and it being like no time has ever passed. That was what it was like with Bad Veins. Ben {singer, guitar} and Jake {smashing drums} welcomed me with big smiles and hugs. These two guys are some of the sweetest musicians I have ever met.
This was my fourth time seeing Bad Veins live and every time I have seen them perform they have blown me away. Three out of four times it has been a 21+ and over crowd. Now usually I prefer 21+ for my own sanity, but for the bands I love, I find that the all ages crowd GIVE more.
Bad Veins gave it all that night and I felt like I was the happiest person in the room. No matter wether they are performing to twenty people at The Casbah in San Diego or a packed house in Santa Ana, Bad Veins always brings the fun. They played MY favorite Nursery Rhyme and a NEW song Under The Covers. LOVED IT! I cannot wait to hear their brand new FULL album, which hopefully comes out sometime this year!
Since we had a LOT to catch up on, after their set, we headed across the street for a quieter venue and drinks. I had my VERY FIRST Guinness and am now obsessed! It was only one night I got to spend with the guys...hours really, but I am so happy they were able to make time for me. I'm finding more and more that quality time is more important than quantity of time. I will always make time for these talented guys.
Follow them on Insta {they have a GREAT Insta}, Twitter {@badveins} and Facebook. LISTEN to them on Spotify, they have the most heartstring tugging rendition of Rainbow Connection!


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