Saturday, May 30, 2015

Geek Fuel A Subscription Box For....GEEKS! May Edition

I am so proud of myself for getting this post up in the same month the box came! WELCOME May Geek Fuel box!!

It is starting to get warm here in LA...yes it is always "warm" but today is especially LA warm! I love it so much. Geek Fuel sent this drink kozie that is perfect to keep my drinks cool while enjoying some outside chill time on my wonderful patio!
Another awesome comic to read out on the patio along with Geek Fuel's own magazine. It is FULL of fun geeky information. And I was happily surprised to see a feature on one of my awesome nerd blog friends The Nerdy Fox! Congrats girlie! xx
How adorable is this Yoda poster!? The Gamer Geek is defo gonna want this one sent to him! And since he JUST graduated from high school today, I will be happy to oblige :) Congrats brother, I love you!
My squee-able item this month was the tee! Doctor Who + concert tee?! PEFFECTION! I have my ticket ready and am ready to rock!

Thank you Geek Fuel for another awesome month! Cannot wait for June!

Ready to subscribe to Geek Fuel?! Head over to their website. Already a subscriber? Make sure you take them on Insta, Facebook and Twitter. #geekfuel


❤Cate❤ said...

That tee is awesome, I love it! xoxo


Angeli Kristine said...

Cute! Have you heard of Lootcrate? It's the one i subscribe to, which is similar, but shipping makes it twice as expensive in Canada :(

Melissa (Eris) said...

That shirt and the plants vs zombies pins are so cute

Megan Gotch said...

I put the flower pin in my car! It's adorbs! xx

Megan Gotch said...

Yes i got that for The Gamer Geek for Christmas last year! Both good things! xx

Megan Gotch said...

DIED over the teee Katya! xx

Angeli Kristine said...

The Gamer Geek?

Megan Gotch said...

He writes for the blog & is my brother :)

Angeli Kristine said...

OHHH! I didn't know! :p

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