Friday, November 21, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is one week away, I hope you have your dinner invitations set and have heard back from all you guests!  I'm sure if one of these people were to stop buy expectantly I would be able to make room!

1.  The 10th Doctor.  Maybe we could have a quick adventure while the meal is being prepared!

2.  Harry Potter.  OR Harry could just magic the meal into existence for us!
3.  Sherlock.  Sherlock could prepare the perfect after meal cuppa for us and share some of his more exhilarating stories.

4.  Marty McFly.  He could give me some guitar pointers after the meal is over.

5.  Lloyd Dobler.  Then Lloyd and I can exchange our favorite music.

So who would you love to see show up for dinner?!  I cannot wait to hear!  Share your links in the comments below or link me in Twitter and I'll RT!

PS...I'm on my way to Portland to have an ASF weekend!  Cannot wait to share it with you!  Follow along on Twitter and Insta and I'll have a post {fingers crossed} for you on Monday!

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  1. Ahh Marty McFly is an awesome choice!

  2. Oooh, Harry Potter would be an awesome guest!

  3. But food is one of the five exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration!

    1. Deidre you got me! That's why I love Potterheads! xx

    2. We're full of useless knowledge. LOL

  4. The tenth Doctor made my list as well. Gotta love him!

  5. Yes to everything! Especially Harry Potter, haha!

  6. Lloyd Dobler! Yes! He really does have one of the best music collection ever. Plus, I would love hear him explain what he wants to do with his life - hehe!

  7. Loving all the Brits! Harry might confuse the Doctor for Barty Crouch Jr, though! Drama! ;)

  8. Great list! I love how frequently the Doctor is popping up!

  9. Excellent list! I'll gladly take an after dinner cuppa with Sherlock - but hold the eyeballs!

  10. YES! And double yes on your three (yes, there are three) time travelers!
    ( here's mine!

  11. Marty McFly! Ohhhh I love In Your Eyes, too. Sigh. I am so glad that you added new topics!

  12. I almost had Harry Potter on my list and then I changed him at the last second.

  13. Such a perfect Fandom Friday post idea, and I love your character choices, Megan! With two time travelers there (on top of everyone else), who knows what kind of adventure your Thanksgiving will turn into... ;)

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  15. Such a perfect Fandom Friday post idea and I love your character list, Megan! With two time travelers there (on top of everyone else), who knows what kind of adventure your Thanksgiving meal will turn into... ;)

  16. All the Harry Potter please! <3

  17. Perfect list! Sherlock and Harry Potter, YES

  18. THIS LIST IS AMAZING. I definitely put any of the Doctor's on my list. ^_^