Friday, November 28, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For

To be honest there isn't really anything that I want badly enough that I cannot wait for it!  I have finally grown into patience after all these years, it didn't use to be like this.  Though the anxiety I had awaiting the arrival of my new iPhone 6 would have lead me to sleep outside for one night for it and just get it done with!

Here are a few things that I really would like, some I would waiting any length of time for and some I've waited for and finally received.
1.  Guardian's of the Galaxy Cassette Tape.  When The Music Maven informed me that the Record Store Day Black Friday list had dropped there was only one that that caught my eye, the GotG cassette tape.  I don't have a cassette player anymore, but the novelty of having this awesome soundtrack on a cassette would be worth a restless night for!
2.  iPhone 6.  I didn't have to wait over night on the ground for my new iPhone 6, but I would have gladly if it meant not having to wait over a month for it!  When it finally did ship, I tracked that thing relentlessly.  By the time the UPS guy delivered it to my door, I was in such a tizzy I basically opened the door fan-girling and grabbed it from his hands.  

3.  ASF tickets.  These are not yet on sale yet.  The album hasn't even come out yet or a tour announced.  But I will wait forever for these Lads, and I think they know that and like watching us squirm :)

4.  Hamlet tickets.  I didn't have to wait in any line for these, but would have gladly flow to London and camped out for them.  Thanks to an amazing friend, I didn't have to, but I WOULD HAVE :)
5.  San Diego Comic Con tickets.  Another that I don't have to camp out for, but gladly would.  It is my favorite time of the year.  To see the friendships, kindness and comradery that went down during the pre-reg sales, shows how much SDCC means to us all!

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Katya Owu said...

That GotG cassette player is so cute!

Anonymous said...

So happy that 5 FandomFriday is continuing on! Love it!

Kendall-Ashley said...

Love this list! And can you imagine if SDCC tickets were a Black Friday thing? It. Would. Be. NUTS!

Unknown said...

The fact that the GOTG soundtrack was made into a cassette is so perfect, I want to cry. My car has a cassette player and I would totally blast it, but my friend called our local record store and they said they didn't know if they were getting it. :(

And I'm so glad we don't actually have to camp out for con badges! * phew *

Usagi said...

I missed out on that GOTG cassette but I am determined to find one.

B said...

Your list is SO you! I love it!


Hey Nina, I went Lou's in Encinitas and talked to them about it. They had 15 at their shop and the first person was in line at midnight the second at 4am, so know I know what I need to do come April :) xx


Aww thanks B! xx

Anonymous said...

Yeees! That Awesome Mix would definitely be worth waiting on!

Joie_Fatale said...

I would like some ASF tix too! And that GotG mix tape!

Megan Gotch said...

Hope I get to see them with you next year Joie! xx

Emily said...

I'm so jealous you're going to see Hamlet!

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