Monday, June 23, 2014

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #3: Semi Precious Weapons & Gavin DeGraw

In the last two weeks that I have taken a break from blogging to move to LA, but I have not taken a break from attending concerts!  I just couldn't!  In two weeks I saw a new favorite, Semi Precious Weapons, and an old favorite, Gavin DeGraw and they couldn't have been any more different experiences but both equally amazing!
I found out via Twitter that Semi Precious Weapons would be doing a show at the Belly Up in Solana Beach and I HAD to attend.  Thanks to High Voltage Magazine's radio show, I heard the band and loved them straight away.  You want a fun album to dance to, check out their new album Aviation High!
Semi Precious Weapons were apart of The Sunset Sessions, which is like a music Comic Con!  SPW was the 5th and last of the acts to preform that night and were well worth the two hour wait alone.  I was able to be front and center to them rocking my socks off!
Though the show was mostly filled with industry professionals, myself and few other fans were there to share in the experience and rock out together.  The smile didn't leave my face the entire show and I LOVED singing along to my favorites Drink and Free Booze!  They guys rocked the entire 30 minute set {too short!} and Justin {the lead singer} poured out the amazing vocals and showmanship!  I cannot wait to see them again now that I am living in their town!
My second solo show of June was Gavin DeGraw which I have been waiting to attend for 10 years!  I loved the venue, Humprehy's, which was outside and on the harbour!  It was a beautiful night.  I arrived and went straight to get my vinyl I had been wanting, then to tackle the huge lady's room line.  By the time I got to my seat, Gavin was getting ready to begin.  I had no idea he was going on first, but  I was ready to dance!
It begin a seated show, was a bit of a bummer as hardly anyone was standing and dancing.  In front of me I could count maybe ten.  I wasn't front and center like I like to be, but that didn't stop me from dancing and singing the entire time.  From the moment Gavin stepped on stage I was mesmerized and a bit nervous {I had been waiting ten years}!  LOL  I wanted to cry when he played my favorite Solider.  Then when the encore came, we were aloud to head to the front of the stage {where I always want to be} and I was so happy to be that close and rocking out with the real fans!

Now that I am in LA I have a wish list of bands to see the top one being The Filthy Souls!  They had a free show the night after we moved it, but I was a bit nervous to go to a show alone in downtown LA!  I hope that I can find a new concert buddy here...any takers?!!

HAPPY MUSIC MONDAY!!  Let me know what you think of these three acts and give me your suggestions below!


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