Monday, June 30, 2014

Songs of Summer Past: 10 Boy Bands Songs That Still Rock!

Moving to LA has gotten me into a get rid of stuff mode and that has included my car.  I had a HUGE CD case full of burned and bought albums that I never listen to anymore.  Now that I can have a tiny iPod that holds all those songs CDs are kind of obsolete.  Though I do love buying albums from the shows I attend, since it is a memory and helps out the band directly.

While cleaning out my CD case I found all my old boy band albums and it brought back some fond memories of summer's past and how my fan-girl has been apart of me always.  It was fun to go back and listen to these fun songs, and it got me thinking how awesome they still really are!  Here are ten of my favorites and which boys were my favorites!  I even tracked down most of them via social media!

{LISTEN on Spotify}

1.  LFO - Every Other Time {favorite boy:  Rich} - RIP
2.  BBMak - Back Here  {favorite boy:  Christian} - GREAT Instagram account!
3.  Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way {favorite boy:  Nick}
4.  Nsync - Bye Bye Bye.  {favorite boy:  Justin}
5.  O-Town - Liquid Dreams {favorite boy:  Ashley}
6.  2ge+her - U + Me = Us  {favorite boy:  Chad}
7.  98 Degrees - Give Me Just One Night {Una Noche} {favorite boy: Nick}
8.  5ive - When The Lights Go Out {favorite boy:  Ritchie}
9.  Soul Decision - Faded {favorite boy:  Trevor}
10.  The Click Five - Catch Your Wave {favorite boy:  Ethan}

BONUS:  Now the boy band bug might have faded from my everyday life, but it is still there deep inside waiting for a catchy song to pull it out of it's hibernation.  Enter One Direction.  Their songs can't help but make me want to dance and have fun!

What boy band songs are you still enjoying?!  Let me know in the comments below!  And you don't know how hard it was for me to choose just ONE *Nsync and BSB song!


J said...

I still listen to the Backstreet Boys everyday! They are still cute as ever and their new music is still great! :) My favorite "old" song of theirs is definitely All I Have to Give... it's such a nice song!


Emelie said...

OMG YASSSSS. I just sent that BBMak song to my sister to bring her back to those days. These bands will NEVER get old.

Anna said...

Boybands! They never fail to alleviate my stressful mood. I'm glad you brought back the good old days of boybands past. Lol. I especially like 98 Degrees and 5ive in your list. :D And yes, right now One Direction is a good pick for some boyband music. "Best Song Ever", anyone?

Arbine said...

I still really love 'N SYNC's I Want You Back and BBMak's Back Here. :)

Amanda said...

Most other boybands may be a guilty pleasure that rely on good looks and catchy tunes, but Nsync and Backstreet Boys are straight up shameless pleasure with timeless hits. "Safest Place to Hide" and "I Thought She Knew" are a few of my favorite songs of theirs.

Arbine said...
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Kitty said...

I am suddenly warped back to my grade school days, LoL I loved all these songs and when they crop up on Pandora? Instant dance party.


NICE Jess!! xo


Emelie nice BBMak was actually totally legit withe their harmonies and guitar playing!


Anna, totally agree, they are just plain fun! My favorite One Direction song and they are many...might be One Thing!


Arbine they are still great! xo


I really do think Nsync & BSB were the great ones and happy they stuck your word timeless! xo


Instant dance parties rock!! xo

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