Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #2: Bad Veins

{The Music Maven is our go to gal for all things music here at The Nerdy Girlie.  But sometimes, my fangirl feels just HAVE to share with you what I am listening to. Music has always been a big part of my life and it just makes me so happy.  So sometimes I have to share some of my music loves with you.  I hope you enjoy my 2nd Music Monday pick...}
Sometimes you love the music, sometimes you love the people and if you are lucky you love both.  With Bad Veins it is most defiantly both.  Great people who make great music.  Wether they are playing for one fan or for a huge venue packed to the limit, these guys always put on a fun and energetic performance.
The Music Maven introduced to me to Bad Veins with her favorite albums of 2012 post.  Then in June of 2013 I was able to see them for the first time at my favorite San Diego venue, The Casbah.  We clicked right away because they are some of the easiest people to talk to, completely inviting and friendly.  It doesn't hurt that Benjamin Davis, the band's leader, is as huge a Futurama fan as I am.  He also has a knowledge of all things music that is on genius level.  It is fun to just sit back and sip coffee while he rattles out a musical theory lesson.  It's way over my head, but any time I can talk music, I'm in my happy place.
Jake Bonta, drums, is such a breath of fresh air and just a sincere and genuine person.  He joined Ben in the band in 2013 and you can tell that they both really enjoy each other.  Jake and his wife are the coolest kids I know.  When I say cool, I mean, they are so chill and are just fun to be around, their youth is contagious.  
Let's not forget the music, which why I fell in love with them in the first place.  Ben's lyrics and melody's are completely infectious and Jake's drum line and enthusiasm makes you want to air drum along!  This duo is going places, so if you are not listening now, you NEED to jump on the Bad Veins train now because it is leaving the station for BIG things!  
{Sorry the video isn't great, I have too much fun to video during a show!}

Essential Bad Veins listening:  Nursery Rhyme, Child, Don't Run, Afraid, Falling Tide, Dancing on TV{NERD ALERT: Chris Hardwick is in the video!}
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Joie Fatale said...

Chris Hardwick?!?! That's so cool! Next time, tell them to have him, Aisha Tyler and you! Nerd Trifecta: COMPLETED!


Joie I was also thinking Zach Levi and Nathan Fillion...a girl can dream :) xo

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