Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Nerdy Girlie SDCC 2014 Wishlist

I had so much fun creating a SDCC wish list last year, that I had to do it again this year!  I did almost everything on my list!  It is always hard to do EVERYTHING!  I was also sad that that I had to delete some of my favorite shows this year:  Dexter, Futurama, Community, Being Human and even the new Dracula!  But, every year I have so MANY things to look forward to at SDCC, so here are my top ten this year.

1.  Doctor Who - With the new Doctor having his 1st SDCC, I cannot miss that!  I really hope that I can get into the Nerd HQ panel, since it is smaller and you don't have to sleep over night for it.  If that doesn't happen then I will have to do the H Hall sleep over for the first time!  See you there?!
2.  SherlockedCC Part 2 - I am super EXCITED to be involved in helping to plan the second SherlockeDCC Party with The Baker Street BabesSherlock DCCara McGee and Being Geek Chic!  It is going to be bigger and better than ever!  I cannot wait to see you all there!
3.  Female Geek Bloggers G+ Page Meet up - I am hoping and trying to get one of these together!  I have so many wonderful friends I NEED to meet IRL!  Hoping I can pull this together for the Thursday night after the con closes and before the Nerd HQ party!  Let me know if you are interested and if you would be willing to pitch in $5 so we can have coffee and desserts!  Now I just need to find a FREE spot for us to hang...taking suggestions...and of course a GROUP PHOTO!!

4.  SDCC wardrobe surprise - I have been working with my good friend Design Stitch Go on a SDCC dress!  I cannot wait to share it with you all!!
5.  Nerd HQ party - I had THE best time at the Nerd HQ party last year and I cannot wait for this year's!  See you there Thursday night?!  It's FREE!!!
6.  MORE COSPLAY - This will be my 2nd year cosplaying at SDCC.  I cannot wait.  I am super excited and again The Gamer Geek and Music Maven are going to participate as well!  I even have a special cosplay for The Hunny and I for Preview Night!

7.  Hannibal -  Seriously after that finale, I HAVE to see what is coming next for the show!

8.  Meeting Twitter friends! - I love you guys so much and cannot wait to meet you all in person.  I do this blog for you and I am so amazed by the positive responses I have gotten.  I have made some AWESOME Twitter friends and can't wait to say HI in person {PHOTO OPS!!! Be prepared!}.

9.  Press! - This will be my first year as press, so I have no idea what to expect, but I am super excited!  Both The Gamer Geek and I have press badges.  I would love to get into the Hannibal and Fargo press rooms.

10.  SDCC Photo Hunt 2014 -  Last year I did an Instagram photo hunt and it was so much fun!  I have another one all ready to go, I hope you all can join me in it!  I will be sharing my favorites on the blog after the con is over!  I will post the prompts the week before SDCC.


*Family time - This is the time of year that we can all get together and have fun.  It is so awesome to have a family that is up for anything!

*Blogging in line - Last year this really helped me get my daily posts up for you all.  I LOVE sharing them and can't go to bed before their up!  So here's hoping I can get a bit more sleep this year!

What is on YOUR SDCC 2014 wish list!  I cannot wait, it is getting so close nerds!!!  Share with us in the comments below or over on Twitter! 

{Comment below if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con. You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends!} 


Unknown said...

I seriously can't believe how fast SDCC is coming up!! SO excited to meet you again at the SherlockeDCC party and for your SDCC photo hunt! It was SO much fun last year!! I think I need to do a SDCC 2014 wish list... I have way too many things I'm hoping for, haha! :D


Ditto, ditto, ditto Travis!!! Cannot wait to see yours!! xo

Meli said...

I am SUPER excited - can I start packing already?!?
Count me in to chip the $5 and I am DEFINITELY attending the Nerd HQ dance party. I have to talk to you about Nerd HQ panels - I've never done one but I definitely want to this year. I need your expert advice ;)

And Hello! The Sherlock part is going to be epic!


Meli, it is gonna be so much fun!! Cannot wait to see you!! xo

rosa de los reyes said...

how exciting!!!
soooo... i kinda need to know more about NERD HQ! haha
im not sure what my plan is.. but it looks like im most likely going by myself!
i dont wanna miss it! do you know the days? (well, when are you going to NERD HQ? :))
annnnd do you happen to know the schedule and/or what other panels and such will happen there?

rosa de los reyes said...

ohhh and im not sure if i qualify for #3! but im down :) (assuming my plans follow through) haha

Unknown said...

Hi Nerdy Girlie! My name is Kristen and you probably have no idea who I am, but I started reading your blog and following your tweets when one of the companies I work for was promoting the NerdHQ campaign. I love your blog, you have been a huge help to me in planning my SDCC trip this year! I would love to be able to meet up and more than happy to chip in. :-)

Krispy said...

I am SO going to the Nerd HQ party this year! My sister and I walked by it last year (we were staying nearby), but we had no idea it was open and free to anyone (we were SDCC newbies). Went to the Hannibal panel last year and loved it! Hope to get in again this year or to the Nerd HQ panel if there is one again! And maybe I'll see you too! Eee!

Jim Watari said...

I'll see you at the SherlockeDCC party :D

Joie Fatale said...

So excited for this year! Praying for so much luck on the Doctor front for Nerd HQ, but maybe we could get a gang of us for the Hall H line if not.


yes you count i wanna see you there!! Nerd HQ is awesome, check out all our posts! The panels won't be announced until after the official SDCC schedule is released so 2nd week july-ish. Nerd HQ is same days as SDCC. Can't wait to see you!!


Kristen, thank you so much for reading!!! I hope we can catch up!! xo


Really want to get into the Hannibal panel or the DW panel at HQ, or SDCC those are my top for the year so excited!! HOpe to see you there!! xo


Thanks Jim!!! :)




I will definetly join the google + meet up I'm planning an icecream social for Geek Girl Pen Pals but I this k I might do that late Friday instead of Thursday

Lori said...

I would definitely chip in $5 for the FGB meet up! I'd love to meet you all :D I'm really excited about traveling to San Diego! Let me know more info on that meet up when you find out! :)

Unknown said...

We'd love to meet up at SDCC!

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