Saturday, June 7, 2014


I cannot believe this is actually happening.  The Hunny and I have been happily living in San Diego since 2009, back in March his company closed down and we have trying our hardest to stay here in San Diego.  As time went buy, nothing was to be found. Luckily, though we are able to stay in SoCal with a short move up the 405 to Marina Del Ray in Los Angeles.
{Kitchen sneak peek!}

The past two weekends we have gone up and looked at apartments, struggling with the prices and locations.  But finally yesterday we found the place that was meant for us and I cannot wait to share it with you when we finally move in!

I debated whether or not to take a blogging break during this time, with San Diego Comic Con coming up.  But we just have TOO much to do and very little time to do it, so I am going to take just a short break until the beginning of July. I'll be back just in time to cover the SDCC schedule release, give you my SDCC Photo Hunt and HOPEFULLY have more info on our Female Geek Blogger's meet up!
{Santa Monica is just a short distance away!}

After SDCC I am excited to share with you all the awesome things I will be doing in LA, in a weekly update!  I cannot wait to explore the city!  If you have any suggestions on what to see, eat or experience...please leave them in the comments below {JOBS TOO!!!} :)

I look forward to seeing you ALL at SDCC...until then please check out my SDCC guide, with TONS of helpful hits for the upcoming con!!  If you are NEW to the site, check out our POPULAR POSTS!  I have some of my favorites there for you!  Learn all about The Nerdy Girlie team on our About US page! xo


Joie Fatale said...

Miss you already girlie!


Will miss you too, but we will still be down & you can come up!! xo

Unknown said...

Wow - happening so fast! Hope we can get together to say good- bye ! Just glad SDCC is coming up soon and we'll def see you then! Just want you to know that my short time knowing you has been so fun - although I feel like you've been a long-time friend because of your blog. San Diego & ME will miss you!!

Sarah Oh So Kawaii Xoxo said...

How exciting! It's amazing how quickly things can happen to switch things up. My partner and I have also been looking at houses recently. After a big mix up with our land lords before our big holiday, we ended up having to move back in with my parents! It sucked at the time, but now it's looking like we might be able to buy instead of rent so it all worked out quite well in the end. I hope this move does great things for you too. Good luck!


Thank you so much and good luck to you two as well! xo


Will miss you girlie, but hope to see you Saturday and of course at SDCC! xo

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