Friday, June 6, 2014

TV Shows To Binge Before San Diego Comic Con

If this is your first year or your tenth year, these are the shows to watch, learn, love and repeat every year before San Diego Comic Con!

12. Futurama - Hulu

11. Stranger Things - Netflix
{For all the best Everyday Cosplay ideas!}

10.  Firefly - Only $14.99 on Amazon!!
{Starring The Mayor of SDCC. Duh.}

9.  Chuck - Amazon Prime
{Zachary Levi is EVERYWHERE at SDCC. If you don't know him or his show for shame! Go check it out! Amazon Prime has the entire series for instant streaming or pick up the DVDs its that good!}

8.  Hannibal - Amazon Prime
{I would say this is my new Dexter. It has such beautiful cinematics, amazing actors and flower crowns! The season 2 finale is one of my top favorite finales of all time! WOW!}

7.  Fringe - Amazon Prime
{Even though it has ended, there is still a huge fan following. It looks to be turning the way of Firefly.  Great show, great cast with great stories!}

6.  The IT Crowd - Netflix
{British nerds?  What's not to love? It took ten years and multiple friends to get me to watch this and the time was finally right for me. I LOVED IT to death! It is FUNNY, smart and has a great cast. If you haven't seen it, you HAVE TO!}

5.  Doctor Who - Amazon Prime
{I was resisting this one for a LONG time, but finally in November of 2012 I jumped on the TARDIS and never looked back. I even have Spencer enjoying it now! Allons-y!!}

4.  The Walking Dead - Netflix
{First a comic book, then a TV show and then a video game. It is the nerd trifecta.}

3.  Being Human U.S. - Netflix
{Comedy, drama and suspense all rolled into one. The amazing actors and writers make this show one of my top favorites of all time, even though it has ended.}

2.  Community - Hulu
{FUNNIEST thing on TV and now the Internet. Go watch ASAP!}

1.  Orphan Black - Amazon Prime
{One word, Tatiana Maslany. Ok that was two, but one person, woman, who plays MANY main characters on the show. She IS the show. Her acting alone is a reason just to watch. Add on great storyline and supporting characters and you have a huge cult following on your hands.}

What are your suggestions, share them in the comments below! I love re-watching these shows every so often, I think it's time for another Firefly re-watch! Who's in?!

Comment below if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con. You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends! 


Vero said...

I believe you forgot Game of Thrones, though I don't see how that would be possible. ;)

Unknown said...

I know this is TV shows... but I would definitely recommend reading Ender's Game before!! There's going to be an awesome presence for the upcoming movie. !!

J said...

I just put a lot of this on my watch list on Netflix!! thank you for the recommendations!


Joie Fatale said...

I think what's great about this list is, it's shows that are easily available!
While I would agree with Veronica in saying GoT, I must admit that at $80 a month for Cable/HBO, is insane.
I like the this list! I only have to catch up on Chuck and Hannibal's last season!
Love this!


Thanks Joie! We actually decided with the move to cut cable all together. We just now have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. SO much cheaper!! xo

Jennifer Shafley said...

Amazon Prime is starting to add HBO series, so maybe there is still hope for those not already stealing an Xfinity log in from a family member.

ZoeTheNerd said...

You forgot Supernatural!

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