Monday, May 5, 2014

Social Media & Fandoms

Ever since beginning this blog, I have turned to social media to connect with other nerds like myself.  It can be hard to find people in the real world who share your same LOVES, especially as an a adult.  Reaching out on social media, I have been able to find "my people."  MANY of whom happen to live right here in San Diego!

Today you can be more invested in the creation of something you love than ever before! Musicians, directors, actors and artists freely share their creative processes via social media for the world to see.  By doing this, they are connecting with fans in an entirely different way than the past has allowed.  We as fans can, from a our homes, can feel like we are experiencing the creation and evolution of something we love, but still give the artists freedom to create.
{via Twitter}

Bryan Fuller, Creative Director of TV show of Hannibal, on Twitter.  Bryan is extremely active on Twitter, live tweeting the show on Saturdays, sharing behind the scenes pictures and always reaching out and connecting with Fannibals {Hannibal fans}.  From a fan's perspective, when a show's creator {who is busy running an entire show!}, goes to such lengths to show his love, it makes me want to be apart of that fandom even more!

Karen Hallion, Artist, on Facebook.  When I began The Nerdy Girlie, is when I first found Karen and her amazing Disney/Doctor Who mash-up art.  I interviewed her for the blog and follow her creative process on Facebook.  I love how she shares the different steps of her creative process, even letting fans get involved by voting for their favorite versions.
A Silent Film, Musicians, on Twitter and Instagram.    If you are a regular reader of The Nerdy Girlie, you know we give all the love to ASF and if you have read any of our articles about them you know why.  They were the inspiration for this article with their tweeting and instagram-ing of the progress of their upcoming third album.

During their November tour, they shared new songs they were working on and now they are sharing their return to the U.S and recording process.  Since all us Lamplighters {ASF fans} are waiting with baited breath for the new album, all of these little tweets and photos add up to a demonstration of love from a band who treasures their fans.
Zachary Levi, Actor on Twitter, Facebook, Nerd HQ and The Nerd Machine.  The head nerd himself is very much involved with his online community of fans.  Most recently reaching out to them for help in creating this year's Nerd HQ at San Diego Comic Con.  But he wasn't just asking for money, he was asking to help create an experience for the fans he adores.  Sadly he had to explain his cause quite a bit, but even this showed is commitment and passion for his fans.

If you love what your favorite celebs are posting, share it with your followers and spread the love.  Always make sure you are always respectful and adding support/encouragement/love to the conversation.  None of them HAVE to do what they do for us.  Thanking them and not expecting anything in return is our way of saying we love you too!
Social media is not just for connecting with your favorite stars!  I have been so happy to find some amazing nerdy girls here in San Diego via Twitter!  Chat up nerds in your area and when you feel comfortable meet up and chat in person.  Human interaction, it's why we are all here!

How has social media impacted the way you live your life?  Has it helped or hindered your relationships?  Share with us in the comments below and add your favorite social media stars!


Unknown said...

I've had a great experience with social media thus far! It's so exciting where technology has taken us. As an artist myself, and someone who is surrounded by other artists, I've seen/experienced first hand how cool this whole social interaction can be! It's cool you did a whole post about it :)


Thank you Erin! xo

Anonymous said...

Social media has been the best for me! I've made so many amazing friends through Twitter and got my blog out there. It's been such an amazing experience <3

Joie Fatale said...

I love how social media has impacted my life! I have a Nerdy Girlie to hang out and workout with!

It's been a HUGE blessing tbh!


Joie, I agree! So happy to have you in my life!! xo


YAY so glad to hear!! xo

Nerd Burger said...

Last week I started using my twitter and I'm having so much fun. Its great to finally talk to my fellow nerds more in different countries in real time.

Melissa said...

Social media is the best! You're my Twitter homie. ;) xo


Yes & YES!! xo


NICE! I think it is so fun! xo

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