Friday, May 2, 2014

My Blog As A Mix Tape: The Nerdy Girlie

Thank you to Joie from Confessions of a Book Pimp for this awesome new series, My Blog as a Mix Tape!  As you all know, we at The Nerdy Girlie LOVE music, I want to say it was the first thing I ever nerded out about!  So of course we just HAD to participate.

This coincided nicely with my Top 10 favorite songs on Black Diamond Radio.  I will use most of my favorites from there, but had to add in a few news songs that I am really into right now!

A Side:  The Rockin' Side.  Side A is going to be my solo dance party side.  I do this quite a lot at home or in the car!  These are the songs that just MAKE me need to dance!

1.  Torches & Pitchforks - Mona.  This is the title track of of Mona's sophomore album.  I completely love the rawness in lead singer Nick's voice.  The song starts out the same and then just breaks!  That chorus just makes me want to get lost in the music.

2.  Scream to the Sky - Semi Precious Weapons.  This song is a recent addition, but I CANNOT stop listening to it!  I thank the awesome ladies at High Voltage Magazine for the recommendation, though The Music Maven has mentioned them to me as well and I didn't listen!  Oops!

3.  Ghost - American Authors.  American Authors had me at the amazing beat that starts this song.  They kept me with the emotion in lead singer Zach's voice.  They just released their first full length album Oh What A Life and it continues to bring the beats and emotions.

4.  Nursery Rhyme - Bad Veins.  Nursery Rhyme just makes me want to get up and dance!  I was happy to be able to see Bad Veins in June and they put on an AMAZING show with tons of energy!  And the nicest guys who are fun to talk nerd stuff with.

5.  Make a Move - Gavin DeGraw.  I have been a fan of Gavin DeGraw since his debut album.  His 5th and newest album, Make A Move caught me right away.  I am such a hopeless romantic and his songs totally play into that.  He is another talented piano man.

B Side:  Fan-girl Side.   My B side is my swoon worthy songs, songs that I cannot help but fan-girl out about #swoonmusic.

1.  Skip the Charades - Cold War Kids.  You can feel the heartbreak in this song, I love songs with such powerful emotion!

2.  Kathleen {live} - Josh Ritter.  Josh Ritter is best heard LIVE.  I had never heard him before and my friend took me to his concert.  I fell in love with the way he emotes on stage and brings his songs to life.  You can see on his face how much he loves what he is doing!  Seriously that smile?!

3.  Juliet - Royal Wood.  I credit one of my favorite shows Being Human {U.S. version} for my love of Royal Wood.  Their first season had a few of his songs and that prompted me to get his vinyl.  His songs are so dreamy and I am alway a sucker for the use of a piano in music, it is completely romantic!

4.  Done - Twin Forks.  I have been a HUGE Dashboard Confessional fan for a long time, so when I heard that lead singer Chris Carrabba created a new band Twin Forks, I had a listen and LOVED it.  After two concerts and finally after TEN years meeting him in person, I am an even bigger fan and super happy to know that he is one of the sweetest guys!

5.  Cuckoo Song - A Silent Film.  First thanks to The Music Maven for introducing me to these awesome artists and lads.  It was love at first listen for me.  Then I fell even more in love when I saw them live.  They put on amazing show.  Lead singer Robert puts out so much emotion that is is hard not to get lost in each song with him.  Drummer Spencer is one of the kindest people I have ever met and he brings the amazing beats.  The strong silent Ali keeps your toes taping with his bass line and all three guys are completely devoted to the music and their Lamplighters {fans of ASF}.  It is a pleasure to know their music.

Hope you all were able to rock out with me and enjoy some new music!!  Link up over on Confessions of a Book Pimp or tweet her @Joie_Fatale!  Stay tuned for The Music Maven and The Gamer Geek's mix tapes coming soon!!


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YES! Love Cuckoo Song! Thanks for doing this! So excited!!!

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

I've been loving seeing everyone's approaches to this, thanks for sharing it.


Thank you for listening! xo

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