Friday, April 18, 2014

YAMAT Podcast

I cannot say enough good things about going to cons!  At Stan Lee's Comikaze this past year held at the LA Convention Center, I met Doug.  I was in the mist of my Breaking Bad marathon and he walked by dressed as THE BEST Walter White.  I had to stop him and chat!

Then at the beginning of April, Doug messaged me on Twitter asking if I wanted to come on his Podcast, You And Me And Thoughts with Doug Clup.  I said of course! He said we would record at his house. I was "ok cool", then The Hunny said "you are going to go to a guys house you met one time?"  So my lovely sister in law was my chaperone and is on the podcast a bit.  Mostly she just sat and read while Doug and I chatted for almost 3 hours!
He is such a fun guy to talk to and we had a LOT in common, plus he is super funny! I hope that you enjoy listening to us chat about Futurama, Being Human and a mutual love of music!  He's totally legit too! :)

**LISTEN to our talk:  iTunes or Stitcher {click on either!}**

Doug hosts Our Apartment Comedy Show Saturday nights in Vista if you are living in the San Diego area.  Find out more about that on his Facebook page.

Find Doug:
You Tube - Doug Clup 
Twitter - @YAMATAT & @Dougathan
Facebook - Our Apartment Comedy Show
iTunes - YAMATAT
Stitcher - YAMATAT

Please let me know in the comments what you thought, I was a bit nervous to begin with! Happy first day of Wonder Con!  I hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend!!


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