Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 Fannibal Finds

I am super new to the Fannibal community, but it has been extremely welcoming and one of the best fandoms I have ever been a part of.  It all started with number 3 on my list and only grew from there!  Here are five ways you can get involved in the Fannibal fandom!  It is totally worth it!

1.  Link - Being Geek Chic's Geek Fashion Inspired by Hannibal.  These are some beautiful outfits inspired by the women of Hannibal.  PERFECT for Everyday Cosplay!

2.  Read - The source material by Thomas Harris.  I read Red Dragon, back when the movie was being released and really enjoyed it.

3.  Listen - Mona, Stand By Me featured in the Hannibal season two trailer.  I'm a huge fan of Mona and it was this song in the season two trailer that made me go marathon season one!

4.  Interact -  On Twitter follow @BryanFuller, @Tattle_Crime, @ServeTheRude, @HannibalCafe, @HannibalFamily and @NBCHannibal.  Hannibal has such a great fan community, live tweeting the show, sharing fan art and connecting with fans.  I love when shows embrace their fans like this!

5.  Watch - Binge watch the entire first season on Amazon Prime along with all the movies.  Each is free watch with Prime but Red Dragon.  I just watched Hannibal Rising for the first time and fell in love with Gaspard Ulliel.

What ways do you get involved in fandoms?  Share your comments below!


Unknown said...

I LOVE Hannibal - so glad you discovered it - we were a GO from the beginning as it was just like watching a work of art and so clever. Mads is so charming as Hannibal & how could anyone not fall for Hugh Dancy - especially when you hear his real British accent. These 2 actors were in a favorite movie of mine, King Arthur. Hugh Dancy suggested Mads for the role to Bryan Fuller. Also in the running for the role was DAVID TENNANT who I think would have been good too.

Joie Fatale said...

I liked Fuller's Dead Like Me, and loved, Loved, LOVED Pushing Daisies! That's why i've started Hannibal!
For fandoms i check out all recommendations, but have a set number that i will watch until, before it's a yay or nay. :)
I'm binging on Teen Wolf now thanks to Gwen from A Geek and Her Oven, and, it's been really fun!!

Krispy said...

I started watching Hannibal when it aired because I adore Bryan Fuller's PUSHING DAISIES. It's such a beautiful, thoughtful, dark show. I love so many aspects of it, and then the fandom itself is pretty great. Saw the Hannibal panel at SDCC last year and that just cemented more fully my love for the show and its creators. :)

So, so glad you picked up the show. I'm always trying to convince more people to watch but know that it's not for everyone!

James Spiller said...

May I politely point out a typo? ... Please follow @Tattle_crime (singular).
Thank you.

Megan Gotch said...

Thanks James!!

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