Monday, March 17, 2014

Nerd Crafts: London Underground Welcome Sign

*Cardboard strip
*Blue felt
*Red yarn
*Foam wreath
*Glue Gun
*White acrylic paint and brush
*Ribbon {to hang wreath}

*Step one:  Make LOTS of pom-poms!  I measured out about 66 to go around the entire wreath.  Three for each row going around.  I ended up using the entire roll of yarn.  I wrapped all the pom-poms in about an hour.  Then went back and cut and trimmed then for about another 30 minutes. {Pom-pom tutorial}
*Step two:  Begin hot gluing pom-poms to the wreath.  I did three per row, making sure not to let any of the green show throw.  You can fluff as you go.
*Step three:  When I got almost to the middle I wrapped my cardboard in my blue felt and glued to the middle of the wreath.  Learn from my mistake and get a larger than 8x10 inch felt sheet sold at Michael's. Try a fabric store. As you can see I have a seam in mine.
*Step four:  Paint on your WELCOME letters and let dry.
*Step five:  Glue on ribbon to the back for hanging.
*Step six:  Hang on your front door and enjoy!

If you ever complete one of our Nerd Crafts, PLEASE share with us via one of our social media sites!  We would LOVE to see YOUR Nerd Crafts!


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Thank you Claire that means a LOT coming from you Ms. Crafty!! xo

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That's super cute! :D

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