Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Con-At-Home: British TV You Should Be Watching

On Tuesday March 18th myself and some awesome nerd girls {I'll provide all their links below} got together to talk ALL things British TV.  We had a bit of a rough start, beginning about 45 minutes late!  BUT we finally got all things up and running closer to 8pm.  Thank you to EVERYONE who stuck with us while we sorted it out!

If you missed the LIVE chat, you can watch our panel below.

Here is MY list of 10 British shows you SHOULD be watching.  Thank you for the ladies for the recommendations {7-10} I cannot wait to watch these shows!

1.  Doctor Who {Netflix and Amazon Prime}
2.  Sherlock {Netflix and Amazon Prime}
3.  Downton Abby {Netflix and Amazon Prime}
4.  In The Flesh {BBCA Season 2 coming 2014}
5.  Broadchurch {BBCA S2 coming soon & an American version}
6.  The Graham Norton Show {BBCA}
7.  Black Mirror
8.  Utopia
9.  The IT Crowd {Netflix}
10.  Spaced

Leave your suggestions of favorite British TV shows in the comments below!

The second in the Con-At-Home series hosted by the Female Geek Blogger G+ Page will air Monday April 1st at 7pm and talk all things COSPLAY.  Keep a look out here and Twitter for more information.

Participating in this week's panel were:
Megan Gotch - @thenerdygirlie
Tillie Elvrum - @Tillieelvrum
Liz Giorgi - @lizgiorgi
Liz Locksley - @LizLocksley
Brooke - @brooke_nado
Hosted by:  Amanda - @Geekphoria1


Usagi said...

The IT Crowd is one of the best shows I have seen in a while!!! I need to check out Spaced. I have only seen the first ep but my boyfriend ate through the entire series in a span of a few days.


Usagi think i gotta start the IT Crowd today! xo

Unknown said...

If it ever gets into production I would have listed Terry Pratchett's Discworld series "City Watch". Unfortunately it's been a few years since it was announced and that was the last I read about it.

mi mundo de fimo said...

I only watched Doctor Who and Sherlock, but they're two of my favourites series (specilly Doctor Who). I want to watch Broadchurch and maybe Downton Abbey too.

Claireabellemakes said...

Spaced and IT Crowd are my favourites. I think G and I can quote entire episodes of Spaced we have watched it that many times. Simon Pegg is my weird crush too.


Claire, WISH I could find Spaced some where here! Loving the IT Crowd gonna go start S2 now :) xo


Broadchurch and Downton both awesome!! xo


I remember you telling me about it and it sounded like it would be a good watch! xo

Joie Fatale said...

Orphan Black, and, The Mighty Boosh are two of faves that aren't on here. But the other shows are great too!

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