Thursday, March 13, 2014

Female Geek Bloggers G+ Hangout Con-At-Home: British TV

FGB (Female Geek Bloggers) Con-At-Home Hangout is a bi-weekly Google Hangout session by the Female Geek Blogger Google+ Community. The goal is to bring in the geek community--male and female alike--for a series of talks about our favorite nerdy topics. Each Hangout will feature a panel of superfans ready to talk about those all-important topics--Sci-Fi, Gaming, Cosplay, Books, and tons more! The live format of the Hangout allows for the audience to participate through tweets and comments, sharing their own opinions, posing thought-provoking questions, and participating in ways we often do not get to participate at conventions.

The first Con-At-Home Hangout is on British TV, and will take place this Tuesday, March 18th, at 10/9c. A link will be shared before we go live, and also announced via the hashtag FGBBritishTV.

This hashtag is also how you participate with the discussion, since the mod will be watching your tweets and bringing in your opinions/stories/questions/anything!

The British TV superfans will be:

Megan Gotch (@thenerdygirlie)

Tillie Elvrum (@TillieElvrum)

Liz Giorgi (@lizgiorgi)

Brooke (@brooke_nado

Liz L. (@LizLocksley)

Moderator: Amanda Brand (@Geekphoria1)

Some topics:

Why has British TV become so popular in the US lately?
What is the best British TV show?
The 12th* Doctor
Sherlock Season 3
Who is your favorite doctor/companion?

{Please make sure to mark your calendars, set your alarms and join us Tuesday, March 18th, at 10pm ET/9pm C/7pm PT.  Don't forget to follow the hashtag FGBBritishTV and join along in the conversation!  Can't wait to see you all there!}


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