Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Best Things Come From England!

At the end of last year one of my Twitter friends, Claire {Claire Belle Makes}, from England, who know's how much I love her country, asked me if I would be interested in doing a package swap.  My immediate answer was YES!!  Then I was concerned that nothing I could send her would be as good as what she would send me!  I love San Diego, but you can't beat England!  LOL

After Christmas, we set a date and I began to shop for her.  You can see what I sent her over at Claire Belle Makes blog.

She received her package before mine, so I knew mine was coming soon, since we mailed ours at the same time.  I came home to Royal Mail and the squeeing began!
Upon opening up my Royal Mail {I LOVE saying that!} Claire had wrapped up my gifts in cute little individual packages!  It felt like Christmas!
Inside I had two lovely postcards.  Both are sitting on my desk distracting from work! I did had to ask Claire what Punting was and upon learning what it was HAVE to head back to England in the summer to experience for myself!  The "M" Scrabble keychain is on my keys now and are available for purchase on Claire's Etsy page!

Ever since my UK trip, I have become obsessed with tea and am loving it more than coffee {GASP!}.  I was so happy to have some official English tea and it is a dream!
I was surprised to find out that Claire works at Cambridge University so she sent me this lovely tee from the school and now I can pretend to have gone there!
Can you guess what I squeed the most on?!  You are correct this amazing 10th Doctor {my Doctor!} apron!  Now I want to cook!

Please check out Claire's awesome blog Claire Belle Makes full of DIYs and life in Cambridge, England!  You can also follow her on Twitter @clairebellemakes.  Thank you Claire for my amazing package!! xo


Joie Fatale said...

That's so great that you guys could do an exchange!
And that apron IS adorable!

~ Joie Fatale

Megan R said...

What an excellent package! So jealous of the apron!

Claireabellemakes said...

SO pleased you liked everything! The apron looks amazing on you. I thought you could wear it for your geek themed tea parties!! If you come over in the summer please come to Cambridge and I can teach you to punt :-)

Thanks for my brilliant parcel, I had a blast shopping and swapping with you x

Nerd Burger said...

I love getting snail mail. Your Cambridge shirt is so rad.

Unknown said...

So fun!! A few years ago I made short lived pen pals with a guy in England. He sent me a package of chocolates and candies that was quite thrilling! I need a new pen pal!


Claire, next time I am there we are deff seeing each other! xo

Jen said...

Oh what a great parcel of goodies! I love the Royal Mail stamps. I feel so special receiving a parcel with that stamp on it. And that apron is amazing!

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