Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meant To Be: Book Review

If you love London as much as I do, this is the book for you!  Meant to Bewritten by Lauren Morrill is fantastic!  Morrill transports you London with her words.  Having just been there, I could imagine everything through her descriptions.  My entire trip was so surreal, I had a hard time putting it into words, Morrill gave me the words I was looking for!

"I practically press my nose against the windowpane.  I refuse to miss a single second of England."

This one quote describes my trip in a nutshell.

"For a minute I'm disappointed; we could be in Cleveland, Ohio.  Then we veer off the busy motorway, and the street suddenly gets narrow, the buildings more opulent. This is the London I've always imagined."

"Dad use to joke that Paris was the city of love for unimaginative folks."

Meant To Be follows the story of Julia's first trip to London.  She is on her junior high school trip and this is her trip of a lifetime.  She is an Anglophile to a T, caring around her pocket Shakespeare guide, her copy of Pride and Prejudice {which she has read ten times} and a Beatles song in her heart.

Julia is a good girl, dragged into "bad" things by her trip buddy Jason.  Together they argue, grow and learn about what is MTB {Meant to Be}.

This was another book that I could not put down.  I saw it while browsing the book shop and again it was another book that had me at the cover!  I am so excited to share Meant to Bewith you, so make sure you go check it out!!

*5 out of 5 stars*


Joie Fatale said...

I'll add this to my to read list! It sounds pretty cute!

Anna said...

London was, is and will always be one of my favorite must-visit places. In fact, it sits at #1 in my list. Ah, the good girl dragged into one catastrophe after another. That's always an interesting spin to a story. :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun story! Is it fiction or non-fiction? :D


I'm gonna bring it to our next meet up/book swap! :) xo


Anna, all of England is amazing and it was so fun getting to relive it! xo


Miranda, fiction and fun!

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