Monday, February 17, 2014

Nerd Crafts: DIY Sherlock Holmes Art Piece

Missing Sherlock like I am?!  Well here is a chance to get a little bit of Sherlock back in your life!  This edition of Nerd Crafts is a DIY Sherlock Holmes Art Piece.  It is super simple and quick!  So let's get started!
*8x8 Frame
*Glitter scrapbook paper
*Card stock
*Wallpaper/Sherlock/221B images
*Double stick tape
Step one:  Print out the Sherlock wallpaper onto card stock and the image you plan to place on top.

Step two:  Cut out from card stock and trace onto the back of your glitter paper. Don't forget to trace the numbers backwards.  {I didn't in the picture and had to re-trace them!}
Step three:  Cut out your image and figure out the placement on your background. When you have it how you like it, use the double stick tape to hold it in place.
Step four:  Frame and enjoy!

Any questions or to share YOUR nerd crafts, please comment below!!


Claireabellemakes said...

LOVE this!

Unknown said...

This is super neat! And has such wide reaching possibilities! Thanks for sharing :D

Kristin Hackett said...

This is adorable!


Thank you so much Kristin!! xo

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