Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day & Shakespeare Sunday

Welcome to Monday nerds!  Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend! Ours was super laid back, like us.  I hope like me, you are off today for President's Day and can enjoy the day!  Here is a lil wrap up of my fun weekend, including seeing Coriolanus {hint: AWESOME}.
I have Fridays off so my Mom invited me to have tea with her at this cute lil tea room in Point Loma called Tea Upon Chatsworth.  It was ADORBS!  I pretty much fan-girled the entire time!
We did not have reservations so we only sat at the tea bar, BUT we made some for my upcoming birthday so we can do their entire high tea service!  I cannot wait to go back!
Upon sitting down we were given a menu FULL of all their different teas.  I ended up getting the Earl Grey Lavender tea and loved it.  They didn't let the leaves steep in the pot, so it didn't get as strong as the lavender tea in Oxford.  
How pretty were these tea sets?!  They had a bunch for sale and my mom bought me a cup and saucer for Valentine's Day.
We ordered almost one of everything off the menu and it was all perfection!  The top level was sweets.  That cupcake!  So good!  The middle level was a fruit tray.  The bottom was all pastries.  A WARM lemon scone, almond, brie and almond tart {my favorite}, feta and tomato tart {not a fan of tomato, but LOVE feta} and a meat and veggie pastry.  Everything was so good, that we decided to come back the Friday before my birthday for their high tea service.  I cannot wait!
When tea was over it was time to get ready for The Hunny and I's Valentine dinner. I had to stop at the mall to get him some of his favorite chocolates from Godiva and also got side tracked to do some birthday window shopping!   When I got home, it was time to prepare dinner and our dinner soundtrack!  Josh Ritter, Royal Wood and A Silent Film vinyls!
I made our favorite dinner Sweet and Sour Sirloin Stir-Fry with Mashed Potatoes.  It is so yummy, we never have left overs and it is so easy to make!  I had to wear my NEW London heart necklace, from the wonderful @HiddlesEducates!
Saturday we tried to go see The Lego Movie.  The cinema is only right down the street from us, so we usually only get there a few minutes before, this time, that wasn't such a great idea as it was almost sold out, so we deiced to go shopping instead.  Hoping to see it this upcoming weekend.
The Hunny was super excited about getting a Costco membership so we shopped there and then split up so he could go to Ikea and I to Lowe's Garden Center.  I am working on getting together a lil herb garden for the kitchen and planting some flowers in our lil front door area.
Sunday was what I had planned for Valentine's Day.  A good Twitter friend mentioned The Shakespeare Pub in San Diego.  So we ate there and and went to their awesome lil British shop!
Of course San Diego weather did not disappoint and gave us another amazing day to live here!
Can you fan-girl over a door?!  LOL  
Then it was time to head down to The Gaslamp for Coriloanus!  I had never read the play, so I had no idea what was going to happen and it was a nice surprise.
The theater was packed and the had these posters outside for us to take.  I MIGHT be sending this to someone special {;)}.  You could defiantly tell that the fan-girls came out to see this showing.  There were defiantly some squeeing going on, especially during the shower scene.  The Hunny gave me a look during that one.

The acting was superb {not surprising since Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss stared}.  I loved the minimalist set, so you could concentrate on their brilliant acting.  The music brought the production to another level and that ending was tragic.  I had no idea how it was going to unfold, and though it was a sad ending, I walked away with complete admiration for anyone who can perform Shakespeare.

I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day!  Tell me about it below and have a great week nerds!!


B said...

Man, we didn't get any posters!


B I really wish I would have grabbed more now! I tried to after the performance but they were gone already!

Claireabellemakes said...

Such a cool weekend! The tea place looks so amazing x

Joie Fatale said...

Such a great time! I keep meaning to go to Shakespeare''s always very pack over there, but I hear it's fantastic!

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