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Sherlock, The Empty Hearse: Our Top 5 Moments

source:  BBC 1


Okay, let me just say this – I am so happy to have Sherlock back on television.  It was a long wait, but it was so worth it.  We were at the SDCC Sherlock panel in July and we saw such a great teaser of this season.  It made the wait even harder because we knew how good this season was going to be.  Episode one:  The Empty Hearse was even better than I imagined.  There was so much going on in this episode, but I’ve narrowed it down to my 5 favorite moments.
1.  The opening scene.  This was just one of the theories presented of how Sherlock faked his death.  It culminates with my most favorite moment from the episode.  THE KISS!!!!!!!!  Molly Hooper, played by Louise Brealey, you are one lucky woman!  The whole thing takes a couple seconds but it’s television perfection – putting the collar up, the hair tussle, and finally the kiss.  I’ve watched the GIF of that scene a million times.  I have a problem.  Major swooning going on.
2.  The restaurant scene aka Sherlock’s grande entrance:  There is so much to love about this scene.  Sherlock is so pleased with himself as he displays his crazy skills of deduction – the classic smug self assurance that we love is in full effect.   It was hilarious how frustrated Sherlock was when Watson didn’t recognize him in his waiter disguise.  We’re introduced to Watson’s new love, Mary.  Mary is a remarkable woman – even when their proposal goes all wrong, thanks to Sherlock’s poor timing, she takes it all in stride.  She’s there for John, but you can also see that she is going to be an ally of Sherlock as well.
3.  Theory #2 of how Sherlock fakes his death --  Moriarity and Sherlock on the roof.  The other “kiss” in the episode – wow!  Why did they cut away!??!  Sherlock faked his death so he could be with Moriarty?   Not likely but scene was fun.  

4.  Deductions:  The scene opens with Mycroft and Sherlock playing chess.  Well, that’s what we thought – turns out they’re playing Operation.  This leads to them playing a game of deductions.  Sibling rivalry is quite evident and it’s fun to see them try to one up each other.  Who knew you could learn so much from a ski hat?!

5.  Finally seeing Holmes and Watson back together on the case.  They figure out that the terrorist plot is to blow up Parliament with a bomb filled train in the Tube.  Unfortunately for them the bomb is activated while they’re on it.  And from there tension and hilarity ensue as John begs Sherlock to diffuse the bomb.  This scene turns emotional as John thinks they are going to meet their end. Poor John… once again Sherlock has manipulated the situation to get a rise out of John.  In those tense moments John forgives Sherlock for faking his death.  John makes Sherlock swear to never tell anyone how he reacted in this moment.  He says he will kill Sherlock and Sherlock replies, “Killing me.  That’s so two years ago.”  Thank goodness!  Welcome back to the world Sherlock.   You were missed!

Such a brilliant episode.  It was hard to narrow down my favorite parts.  What were your favorite moments in this episode?


jeangnome said...

Just watched "His Final Vow." If you've not seen it yet, it'll blow you away!!

Stephanie said...

UGH THE KISS? DEFINITELY?! ALL THE KISSES?! There was so much fanservice in this episode - I love it!!

I'm completely caught up through all of Sherlock, so once you're done with the thrid, I'll WALL-O-TEXT ya! <3


I've all caught up but not The Music Maven...all great episodes in sad to wait..goes by TOO quick!!! xo

Unknown said...

Thank you for reading and, yes, THE KISS. It was the swoon heard around the world! Looking forward to the rest of the episode, but I'm already sad because I know it will be over too soon.

Exploring Whatcom County & Beyond said...

I loved the first episode! it was so good.


Joie Fatale said...

Ooooh! When he tousled his hair in that opening scene and kissed Molly! **Phew**
I fear I had the vapors!!! I LOVED that scene!!
I also liked seeing Mr. & Mrs. Holmes

D said...

Lauren & I screamed out loud when we saw the hair ruffle, then that KISS the first time! But yes, the whole episode was a fabulous way to bring Sherlock back into our lives! And each episode of Season 3 gets better and better! Thanks for the great review!


Deb, I think we all did!! Thank you for the comment! xo

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