Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What We’re Listening To: A Silent Film Edition

In my role as “The Music Maven” I work really hard to share the music I love with anyone and everyone who is willing to listen.  Nothing makes me happier than someone saying they like one of “my bands.”  The Gamer Geek and I saw A Silent Film last year and became instant fans;  we told Megan aka The Nerdy Girlie that she needed to give them a listen.  Of course she became a fan and “my band” turned into “our band.”   The Nerdy Girlie team has featured A Silent Film here on the blog many times in the past year, and we finally had the opportunity to see “our band” all together as a group in Colorado.  It was quite simply a magical experience.  There is nothing better than seeing a band you love in the company of family and friends. This picture is evidence of how happy the music of A Silent Film makes us:
Front Row from left to right:  The Gamer Geek,
The Music Maven and The Nerdy Girlie.
Thanks to Jennifer Struss for capturing this special moment.

We saw A Silent Film in Boulder at The Fox Theater and in Colorado Springs at The Black Sheep.  We were joined by several Lamplighters (members of their online fan community), and I was so happy to have my friend Beth fly in from Minnesota for the show.  My friend Jen, my husband, and my sister all attended their first A Silent Film shows and they walked away new A Silent Film fans.  Mission accomplished!
I’ve been blessed to see them five times in the last year and these past two shows were the BEST yet.  Not only were these shows special because I was sharing them with the people I love the most, but also because we heard no less than five new songs,  I finally heard their song “Cuckoo Song” live, and they played a beautiful new arrangement of “Where Snowbirds Have Flown.”  I wish I could put into words how electric a live set with this band is, but I really don’t have the words, so my video of their new song “Lake Swimming” will have to do.  I love this song.  It’s brilliant.

Some bands make you want to dance, some bands speak to your heart, this band does both.  A Silent Film has given me moment after moment of musical healing, communion, and now shared memories with the people I love.  I wish there was some way I could repay them for it all, but all I can say is thanks for being “our band.”  
Essential A Silent Film Listening According to The Music Maven: Harbour Lights, Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well, Love Takes A Wrecking Ball, Reaching The Potential , Driven By A Beating Heart.
         *The Music Maven’s All-Time Favorite A Silent Film song:  You Will Leave A Mark.
*The Nerdy Girlie’s Favorite A Silent Film song:  Cuckoo Song.
*The Gamer Geek’s Favorite A Silent Film Track:  Queen of a Sad Land (he says it’s all about the mad bass line).
A Silent Film is Robert Stevenson, Spencer Walker, and Ali Hussain.  They’re on tour through November.  Check them out here http://www.asilentfilm.com/

Music worth nerding out over!


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