Monday, November 11, 2013

Cosplay Crush: Aleu the Mermaid

I was lucky enough to not only meet Angi Viper at D23 this year, but Aleu the Mermaid.  She as hanging with Angi and completely embodied the character of Tiana.  Check out her amazing cosplays below!

The Nerdy Girlie:  How did you get into cosplay?
Aleu:  I first got into cosplay around 2009. My first convention was Anime Expo, which I attended shortly after moving to Los Angeles. I cosplayed as Fire Nation Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was such a thrill to make my own costume and have others admire my work, even though it was my first real cosplay endeavor. I fell in love with the convention scene and have been cosplaying ever since.   
TNG:  Do you make or buy your costumes?
Aleu:  Nowadays I like to make or ‘up-cycle’ my costumes. Up-cycling usually involves getting individual pieces of a costume from thrift stores (or my closet) and putting them together to make one full costume. If an elaborate costume is needed for a particular event or shoot, then I will usually have a friend make it. For example, my Princess Tiana dress was made by my very talented friend Morgan Gannes! I wanted it to be very detailed since I would be doing appearances for children and charity events.
TNG:  Any tips for people just staring out in cosplay?
Aleu:  The best advice I can give to anyone starting out in cosplay is BE CREATIVE. You don’t always need to buy expensive fabric and props to be a good cosplayer. The world is your toolbox! I made my Han Solo belt buckle out of a reflective cookie sheet, and most of my fabric comes from thrift stores. Be confident and be true to yourself. Cosplay is about fun and embodying your favorite character.

TNG:  How do you feel about people approaching you for pictures.  Is there a certain protocol/cosplay code?  
Aleu:  I don’t mind at ALL when people approach me for pictures. It is the most flattering thing in the world! I don’t think I’ve ever denied someone a cosplay picture of me before. I would have to be really busy or feeling really sick to turn that down. As long as the picture taker is being respectful and exhibiting common courtesy, I have no problem with it. 
TNG:  Any suggestions on where to shop for costume pieces if you are not a sewer?
Aleu:  If you are not a seamstress but would like an elaborately tailored costume, there are many sellers on Etsy and similar sites that can make a custom design to fit your measurements. You can also meet talented contacts at cosplay conventions. 

TNG:  Do you think about posing a head of time?
Aleu:  I never think about posing ahead of time. When I am in a certain costume, I automatically go into acting mode and become that character. If you’re cosplaying a Disney princess, your mind and body should tell you to be graceful and flowy in your poses. If you are cosplaying a superhero, your poses may be more bold and powerful. Each character has a back story. Cosplaying to me is not just playing dress-up. It’s acting how that character would act. Character accuracy makes cosplaying so much more fun in my opinion!

*Thank you to Aleu for answering our questions.  I am getting so many great tips from these amazing cosplayers.  I hope you all are too!  Make sure you check out Aleu over on Twitter and Instagram!*


Gwen said...

ahh yes! the world needs more Aleu!
I met her at Comikaze after being a fan of hers for a long time..shee so sweet!


Alyx, she was super sweet & lovely! Thank you for your comment!! xo

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Hope you can ask more question for the next cosplayer interview. The more questions, the more informative and deeper cosplay experience can be shared out.


Anything specific you would like me to ask?! Thank you for your comment!

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