Friday, September 6, 2013

So long Futurama & thanks for the memeories

Ready to watch the finale!

It has been a good run!  I was lucky enough to see MOST of this series finale at SDCC this year.  I videoed the first 1/3 of the cast doing a table read of the finale.  We then watched the 2nd part in its entirety as we saw it on Wednesday night.  The last and finale piece I had to wait for...just like you all.  It did not disappoint!

Avenge Us!  Perfect funny and also kinda sad intro line to the finale episode.  I have always enjoyed these lil bits in the beginning of each episode.  Some of my favorites have been:

"See you on some other channel."
"It just won't stay dead."
"You can't prove it won't happen."
"Thanks for watching, Futurama slave army!" (In Alienese)
"The Humans Shall Not Defeat Us." (In Alienese) 

The episode opens with Fry and Leela back where they had their first delivery together, the Moon.  It was nice to see the full circle.  Crater Face is always good for a laugh.  It was so great to SEE this part after only HEARING it at SDCC.

The second part I had already seen at SDCC so I was anxious to get past this and see the end!

This last 1/3 of the show was very touching and I was happy to see how the ending played out.  Though I did think that Fry and Leela would stay in the frozen time, I was so happy that they decided to go back with the Professor.  It was so sad that they would not remember their amazing life together!  But it opened them up to have ANOTHER amazing life together and no one ever gets that chance.  Of course it also leaves the show open to come back, which I would not be against!
A LIL bit of Futurama round my house!
I will always be a fan of Futurama and don't forget you can always go back and re-watch the old episodes!  That's what I have always done!  Here are my top 10 Futurama favorites!

What did you all think of the finale?!  


Sarah said...

Its such a shame that futurama has finally come to an end :( was such a great show.

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