Sunday, September 8, 2013

7 Ways to Stay Productive While Blogging

This summer has given me many days off to focus solely on my blog "job."  In the beginning I had a wandering eye, but with a set schedule and these useful guidelines, I am able to get a lot of work done and feel like I had a successful day.
1.  Start the day.  Every morning I wake up by nine.  If I am really ready to work, then it is seven.  It is nice to have some time to "sleep in" every now and then.  First thing I do is make my bed.  That just makes me feel like the day has begun, also I can't get back in!  I let myself stay in my PJs and get a cup of coffee.
2.  Neat desk with stuff you love.  My desk is what I would call neat/messy.  The Hunny would say messy.  I have stuff I love there and it makes me want to work there!  With my morning coffee, I give myself time to wake up and pursue the various social network sites for about an hour, including checking and answering emails.

3.  Organized computer files.  Every time I create a file {photo, doc or other} I keep the naming consistent.  As soon as I don't need something anymore, it is in the trash bin and emptied.  I am working on a Macbook Air so I need to know what I have and that all the space is being used efficiently.  I see an upgrade in my future!

4.  An on going to-do list.  I am a very visual person, so I like to see what I need to get done and I find it very productive to have a list I can check things off of.  I also find it helpful with thinking up new ideas.  One idea can break off into many others!
5.  Breaks.  About every hour or hour and a half, I get up and stretch, do a mini exercise or get some household stuff done.  Every other day I try to get out of the house.  I make lunch dates with friends or just run some errands.  I find these mini breaks help me be more productive in the long run.

6.  Stay healthy.  This has been a big issue for me.  I like to stay healthy and eat healthy, but I want it to be easy!  I keep fruit and yogurts handy, but by the time lunch roles around I just grab anything.  Prepping lunches on Sunday is a good way to make sure you eat healthy during the week and doesn't take too much time to do!
7.  Have a set stopping point.  If I can begin work ten I am happy with stopping by five.  Holding yourself accountable for what you know you did is how you get stuff done.  I have a calendar that I schedule my posts for each day.  It is a great visual to know what needs to be done and if you accomplished enough for the day.

What keeps you going as you work at home all day?  
Let's keep the tips flowing in the comments below!!


Nerd Burger said...

Great advice. Once I'm in the zone it is super hard to take brakes. I to come up with a better plan.

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