Monday, September 2, 2013

Nerd Crafts: Large Nerdy Tee Into A Nerdy & Girlie Tee or Dress

Ever since Pinterest came out I have been loving all the awesome DIY projects featured there!  Some are easy, some are HARD!  Today's Nerd Craft is SUPER simple!  We all get those HUGE swag t-shirts at conventions.  Most I pass on to The Hunny, but some I REALLY love.  They use to just be nightshirts until Pinterest.  Now you can make them into a cute dress or girlie fitted tee.  Leave the shirt long for a dress or swimsuit cover up.  Tuck into shorts and wear as a tee!  Either way, you'll look great!

Step one:  Pull the t-shirt over your head as normal then fit your arms through the head hole.

Step two:  Take each sleeve and fold to the front of the shirt, tucking them into the neck hole.

Step three:  Wear and enjoy a new girlie fitting tee or dress!
Hit up the pool or beach and represent your favorite fandom in style!

Do you have a lot of swag tees at home getting no love?!  Share with me how you do this easy tee makeover over on Twitter or leave your comments below!


Nerd Burger said...

Omg, such a cute idea. I always have that problem when I borrow one of my husband's rad shirts.

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