Monday, September 2, 2013

Nerd Crafts: Large Nerdy Tee Into A Nerdy & Girlie Tee or Dress

Ever since Pinterest came out I have been loving all the awesome DIY projects featured there!  Some are easy, some are HARD!  Today's Nerd Craft is SUPER simple!  We all get those HUGE swag t-shirts at conventions.  Most I pass on to The Hunny, but some I REALLY love.  They use to just be nightshirts until Pinterest.  Now you can make them into a cute dress or girlie fitted tee.  Leave the shirt long for a dress or swimsuit cover up.  Tuck into shorts and wear as a tee!  Either way, you'll look great!

Step one:  Pull the t-shirt over your head as normal then fit your arms through the head hole.

Step two:  Take each sleeve and fold to the front of the shirt, tucking them into the neck hole.

Step three:  Wear and enjoy a new girlie fitting tee or dress!
Hit up the pool or beach and represent your favorite fandom in style!

Do you have a lot of swag tees at home getting no love?!  Share with me how you do this easy tee makeover over on Twitter or leave your comments below!


  1. Omg, such a cute idea. I always have that problem when I borrow one of my husband's rad shirts.