Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Nerdy Girlie at Weezer

When I heard that Weezer would be at The Del Mar Fairgrounds on August 17th for only $6!!!!!  I jumped at the chance to go!  And luckily I had my sister in laws in town so I didn't have to go alone!  
Upon arrival, I had some fellow nerds point out my tee.  I had saved it for a special occasion so I was happy it got noticed!  They told me that their friend was wearing the same tee!  I was like SWEET so when she came back we HAD to take a picture together AND come to find out she is one of my AWESOME followers!  So nice to meet you Andi!!  Come to find out MORE that her friend went to the same SMALL high school as me and graduated the year after me, we even knew some of the same people!  Our minds were blown!!  So I know have some awesome new SD nerd friends! {@Greyfox182 & @ktcaliest84}
After a long and awesome convo with my new nerdy friends, the sisters and I were ready to rock!!
I hadn't been to a BIG show like this in a LONG time.  It was so amazing!  With a beautiful sunset in the background and the crowd had AMAZING energy!
The second song Weezer played was Photograph, my FAVORITE, and it took me a minute to figure it out I was so excited!  That is the video above.

Weezer played so many awesome songs it was so fun to rock out and sing my heart out.  Here are the ones I could remember:

Dope Nose
Hash pipe
Island in the Sun
Sweater Song
We Are All On Drugs
Say it Ain't So
Buddy Holly
Keep Fishin'
Beverly Hills
Pork and Beans

Funny story about The Sweater Song.  My sister in law was dying for them to play it the entire show.  When the encore began we moved back so we could all hit up the restroom before rushing to the car.  As soon as she stepped into the port-o-john, they began playing it!  I was freaking out, as was she, she later told me!  But she was quick and it was a great time!  We sang, danced together and just had amazing sister time!

*For a fun added bonus here are my:  Top 10 favorite Weezer songs!

10.  Keep Fishin'
9.  Getchoo
8.  We Are All on Drugs
7.  Perfect Situation
6.  Smart Girls
5.  Hang On
4.  Trainwrecks
3.  Crab
2.  Smile
1.  Photograph

Thanks Weezer for new nerd friends and sister bonding!


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