Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nerd Girls LUV David Tennant

Last November I FINALLY caved to the peer pressure and began my Doctor Who journey!  Since then I haven't looked back and I am a full fledge WHOVIAN!  I began with the reboot and Chris as the Doctor.  He was AMAZING, so it took me a bit to jump on the David train.  It wasn't until Girl in the Fireplace, that David became my full time Doctor!

Since then I have seen as much of David as I can.  It was fun going back and watching Harry Potter 4 and Fright Night with him.  I am a huge Potterhead and vampire lover so he just enhances my love of those movies even more.  And with the discovery that I do indeed have BBCA, I can enjoy all their amazing shows as well!

Recently BBCA's site Anglophenia posted a link to Hamlet starting David.  I watched their 20 minute clip and was astounded by his acting once more!  He can give such amazing emotion.  You can watch the entire play here on PBS website.
Also thanks to BBCA I am now HOOKED on Broadchurch.  It is over in the UK and now playing here in the US so I am avoiding all spoilers as much as possible.  I haven't had any as of yet!  I cannot wait to see how this mystery plays out and I love hearing David's scottish accent!  You NEED to be watching this addicting series.  What an intriguing mystery!

See him in:
*Doctor Who
*Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
*Fright Night
*The Decoy Bride
*How to Train Your Dragon
*The Escape Artist

Connect with his fandom:

That is why David is my Doctor!


Unknown said...

I was a big Tom Baker fan & no other Doctor had lived up to him UNTIL Davis Tennent. It was love at first site not just because he is absolutely adorable but because he is the only other Doctor that has reminded me of Tom Baker. I'm still crushed that he is no longer the Doctor because my hour long love affair was cut in it's prime. And yes, I will watch ANYTHING he is in. He has such depth!

Arbine said...

Even in a t-shirt and jeans he's still so handsome. Broadchurch - so suspenseful!


Thank you for the comments! Nice to hear LUV for David & how we all have different ways we came about it! xo

Luka said...

10 will forever be my Doctor! I can't wait for the 50th anniversary episode to see him back even for just the once. Broadchurch is amazing! I've only got one episode left. It was so damn hard to not just stay up late last night to finish it. Must ration! :P
You should check out Casanova as well. 3 part miniseries that was also written by Russell T Davies. It's what got Tennant cast as the Doctor annnnd it's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Make sure to check him out in CASANOVA. ;) It's on Netflix, but the complete, uncut version is on the DVD at amazon. It was great. Oh and David had me at "Did you miss you?" His scene in The Christmas Invasion when he emerges from the TARDIS. He blew me away, best Doctor ever!

Anonymous said...

Also catch him in:

Single Father
Secret Smile
The Politician's Husband

You won't be sorry!


awesome guys thanks so much...added Casanova to my netflix queue!!

Batty said...

I think Chris will always be my doctor haha. I loved him so much when David came along, I was just so "UGH WHY?!" then slowly grew to love the new character. They are all different.

I went back to watch Harry Potter JUST to find him! It was so crazy to see him play a character like that in Fright Night too haha

I keep seeing previews of Broadchurch... definitely want to watch it!

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