Monday, June 17, 2013

Nerd Girls LUV Benedict Cumberbatch

There are so many wonderful actors that I LOVE and appreciate, so I wanted to begin to pay tribute to them here and help others discover new shows/movies you may not have heard about!  BUT if you are a NERD GIRL you probably ALREADY have a crush like me on these leading men, so let's all swoon TOGETHER!

My very first Nerd Girls LUV is going to be my newest fan girl crush:  Benedict Cumberbatch.  Looks are never the first thing that attracts me to a celebrity {or person in general}.  It is always their performance and how they treat their fans.  Those things always come first and that is when I begin my fan-girl obsession.

I had heard so much about the show Sherlock that one day I FINALLY sat down to watch it.  The very first episode had me hooked and I told the Hunny that he HAD to watch this with me.  We then marathoned the two seasons for the next two weekends.  

Benedict acted brilliantly in this series.  So much so, that made he made me want to find out as much as I could about him.  Star Trek Into Darkness was just being released, so there were TONS of new interviews I could watch or listen to.  My favorite had to be when he was on the Graham Norton Show.

Ok totally got side tracked by watching that video again!  But isn't he just the sweetest and most gracious guy!  You can tell that he is a very intelligent guy, but he does not take himself too seriously which I love.  Too many actors end up getting a big head or are so unreachable and it is hard to relate to them.  Benedict is not.  He is very playful and fun in all of his interviews and takes each and everyone of them seriously.
Lastly, this picture!  How could you NOT love the guy.  You can also see the VIDEO of the now infamous Cumberbomb on Tumblr of course...where else?!

Where to find Benedict:
*Star Trek into the Darkness
*The Hobbit Trilogy

How to connect with his fandom:

This is why I am happy to be SHERLOCKED!


Lace and Books said...

It's not a nerd/geek show but the first thing I remember seeing him in was "Amazing Grace" MANY moons ago (probably dating myself). It's kind of fun to see him in breeches and a powdered wig. *wink*

Pamela Bower said...

Look for "To the Ends of the Earth." He was marvelous in that.

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