Monday, May 13, 2013

Nerd Crafts: Allons-y Union Jack Painted Canvas

Ever since I started Doctor Who I have had a mad crush on EVERYTHING UK!  Maybe it started with Harry Potter and just exploded with Doctor Who/Sherlock/Downton Abbey!  I saw this awesome Union Jack painting on the Being Geek Chic website and HAD to try it for myself, with a lil twist.

8x10 Canvas
Red/Blue acrylic paint
Sticker letters of your choosing
Paint Brush
I started out with affixing the letters where I wanted them and then sketched the Union Jack flag around them.
I took my time painting {two days}.  Giving enough time between coats.  Two coats of blue and red.  I erased the visible pencil lines and carefully peeled off the letter stickers {makes sure the paint is completely dry first!}.  I also painted the sides as well helped complete the look.
Luckily when I went to buy the canvas at Michael's they were 50%, even better than the 40% off coupon I had.  The letters were 40% off on their own so I didn't even have to use my coupon!  The total cost for this project for me was $8.  I already had all the paint and brushes!  This project takes a while to do, so pace yourself and just have fun!!


Unknown said...

Love this!! Definitely adding it to the list of things to make.

Ellie said...

This is so cool! I really want to try it. :-) What did you put the canvas on to make it more of a box than a 2D wall decoration? (I know that sounds like a dumb question, but I'm super unartistic). And how did you attach the canvas to it?



The canvas I used was not a flat one, but about an inch thick, you can find them at any Michael's store :)

Ellie said...

Thank you so much!! I can't wait to try this. :-)


Your welcome Ellie, share when you do!!! xo

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