Monday, April 22, 2013

Nerd Crafts: 3D Glasses Hair Clip

I found a 3D glasses hair clip that I ADORED on Etsy and wanted to use for my 10th Doctor SDCC cosplay.  But it was $16!  Then I had a moment of inspiration and was like maybe I could make it myself!  So here we go!

*3 pieces of felt {red, white, blue}
*Sharp Scissors
*Glue Gun
I bought the felt at Michaels for a total of $1.70!  I purchased gitter white and regular blue and red.  I found that the more stiff felts were easier to work with.
I stayed as much to the sharp corners as I could when cutting to get straight lines.  Then folded very slightly in half to find the middle to cut the nose hole.
I then measured how large I wanted the colored portions to be.  I ended u going with 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch.
When cutting out the eye pieces I made the slightly bigger to have room for shaping.
I had an extra hair clip lying around so I used that.  The pack was originally $3.79 for two clips.  I glued on the eye pieces to the non-penciled side.  Let dry for a moment then glued onto the clip.  I then flipped the clip over and pressed down so it got a good seal.
This total DIY cost only $1.70 since I already had the clip!  I was even able make 13 more!  I just had to purchase more clips!  I cannot WAIT to use this for my 10th Doctor cosplay at SDCC this year!!!!


aki! said...

Geek Chic directed me here. Checking out your blog now. You seem really awesome. =)

Arbine said...

LOVE this! And I can't believe I've only recently found your blog. So much great stuff here. :)

Arbine said...

LOVE this! Can't believe I've only recently discovered your blog. The tenth doctor is my favorite. :)

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