Monday, April 1, 2013

Geek Girls Gab NEW series!

Throughout my blogging journey on both my personal blog and my new adventures at The Nerdy Girlie, I have come to find there are so many AWESOME nerd girls out in the 'verse!  

In this new series I introduce you to my favorite nerd girls {and maybe a geek guy once and a while}.  I have loved getting to know them and I hope you will too!  

To kick things off, I will give you some more insight into myself, The Nerdy Girlie.
*My first nerd memory:  My first nerd memories have to be watching the original Star Wars trilogy and Jurassic Park multiple times a week with my younger brothers, I have three of them.  We also loved to play NES and SNES together.  A major day in our nerd history was when we got the N64.

*How and why did you start blogging:  I began blogging in 2009 as a personal place to share with family and friends our adventures of moving from the east coast to San Diego.  I did include nerdy things there, but it wasn't the sole focus.  I began blogging about SDCC in 2010.  It was only after 2012's SDCC that I had the inspiration to begin The Nerdy Girlie and have loved every minute of it!
*Your favorite blogs to read:  So many, see my full Twitter list!  I draw inspiration from all of them.

*Favorite things to nerd out about:  I am really good at getting on Netflix and doing marathons of shows.  Since beginning this blog I have done, Fringe, Doctor Who and Sherlock.  I can't wait to catch up on even more shows soon!  And of course SDCC is my most favorite time of the year!
*Tips for SDCC:  Every Monday leading up to SDCC I will be posting my tips.  Check them out on my San Diego Comic Con Guide page!
*Girlie things you love:  I have a major bag and shoe problem.  Since I am a shortie, I love getting shoes that make me taller, it is such a different world when you are 5-6 inches up!  I love SDCC for all the FREE bags you get.  I also have a problem with hoarding shopping bags from stores I like.  As a complete neat and organization freak, that is the one thing I let myself hoard.

STAY TUNED for my 1st Geek Girl Gab session later this week!


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