Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Nerdy Girlie At Wonder Con

The Nerdy Girlie At Wonder Con

This was my very first Wonder Con.  The Hunny was able to hook us up again with professional badges.  We woke up early and drove up from San Diego.  Parking was a breeze, getting our badges, not so much!  We did not have a bar code so were sent to the help desk, they couldn't help us so finally made a BIG circle and ended up at professional registration and were good to go!

The 10th and 11th Doctor gals were my FAVORITE cosplay of the day.  I NEED to learn how to sew!  Any takers?!

Got to see my Doctor again!

And meet up with James Morris, who I originally met at Con Dor.  I have been reading his book Sky Bound and loving it!  He recently granted me an interview that I cannot wait to share with you!  Be on the look out for that and my book review in the coming weeks.

Another Wonder Con MUST was pick up the NEW Futurama comic!  The Bongo peeps even noticed and complimented me on my T!  A Futurama/Doctor Who mash up from TeeFury.

After seeing the entire floor, we headed up to room 300DE for the Falling Skies panel.  They showed us some exclusive clips from the up coming season premiere on June 9th!

Directly following Falling Skies was the Dean Koontz panel.  He wrote one of my all time favorite books Mr. Murder.  He told us stories from his life and he was quite funny!  We even got his book Odd Thomas as swag!  Can't wait to read and let you know about it!

Another highlight meeting one of my Twitter friends Pink Bunny!  Isn't she adorable!?  Her owners were also a joy and can't wait to meet up with them again at SDCC, hopefully for a longer chat!  To everyone I missed we NEED to have a HUGE meet up!  Let's get on that!

The thing we waited the longest for and were most excited about was the new DuckTales game.  It was a little over an hour wait to play, but totally worth it.  The Hunny and I were/are both HUGE DuckTales fans of the game and show so it was such a treat to get a chance to play again and get our FREE poster!



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