Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Dont's of San Diego Comic Co

I have witnessed a lot of things at SDCC. The good, the bad and the ugly. HERE is all the good. Now to tackle the bad and ugly. I have seen all of this first hand and I may have done one or two {side-note: I shower everyday}. But we can all work together and make this a great SDCC by observing a few rules and not worrying only about ourselves, but our fellow nerds as well.
1.  DON'T go without showering. I know we are all doing long days and night. Make time. Otherwise it is gonna be all that harder to have a fun and interactive con. Others might want to steer clear of you and we want SDCC to bring us together, not push us apart. Nerds unite!
2. DON'T cut in line. Unless you want to be super heckled. Also it is not fair for the people who slept on the sidewalks.
2a. Line saving. This is a HUGE hot button topic. My feelings are such, everyone who wants a seat in the hall NEEDS to be there upon first arrival in line. I'm ok with swapping out for a few hours as long as everyone around you knows you were there from the beginning. No early morning arrivals from those who didn't put in the hours.

BONUS points for bringing back goodies to your surrounding fellow line goers when tagging in and out.

3. DON'T grab. I cannot imagine being one of the booth vendors. Swarms of nerds rushing after you for a free pin or poster. I would be skeerrrrdd! Also say thank you. With those two simple words you can let the world know that we at SDCC are kind and grateful for all that SDCC does for us.

4. DON'T ask rude questions. You always have that ONE person who goes up, asks their question and we ALL collectively groan. You do not want to be THAT person. So don't ask any of the following:

  • Marry Me/date/hug/kiss?
  • Can I have your name card?  Seriously it's a name card and...
  • Especially don't ask them to sign it!
  • Personal questions:  relationships, health it just weirds out the entire room.

5. DON'T assume it's free.  Almost every booth has stuff out for you to view and not ALL of it is free. If you are not sure just ask. We don't want to rip off all the hardest working people at the Con.
6.  DON'T be a douche. See all of the above.

Comment below if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con. You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends!


Anonymous said...

I have broken 2, 3 and 5 in the 4 years I have been to the Con. In doing so, I have realized the error of my ways and feel that I am a better person for it. Hurray for the Con.

Hannah said...

First of all, thanks for the tweet! My pleasure! :) Secondly, I JUST CAME BACK FROM EMERALD CITY COMICON. I can't even imagine how amazing SDCC is, I thought ECCC was absolutely incredible! SO COOL! Feeling a bit sad that it's over!
Thankfully, I don't THINK I committed any of these things... though sometimes one is a douche without realizing it.

Joie Fatale said...

I totally save places in line, BUT I DO let people who get behind me know ASAP. I let them know, and I let them know how many. That way it is not a shock.
UNLESS it's for swag...I do think if you're holding a spot for swag then boo! But for Hall H...I can't blame a spot save for that, just let people know. And like you said bring treats at least for the people you'll be getting in front of. I did that in 2012 and last year. I brought doughnuts and coffee. Just a nice gesture, and early prevention of the hangrys.

Unknown said...

This list is gold! If I made a don't list, these would be all the things I'd include. Especially the douche part. ;D

jellydesignstudio said...

As a vendor at other cons (hopefully one day we'll make it out to SDCC!!) I have seen a lot of this! And the not showering part - I just don't get it. A few times had very uncomfortable experiences when fellow attendees that have been wearing the same costume all weekend and skipped showers. All it takes is a quick shower.

And please don't attack an artist's booth then ask for free artwork. Just don't.

J said...

Great list! Again, even though I won't be attending SDCC these are great tips for all cons...As for the no showering thing, omg...I've been to places where people just don't smell good and it ruins the whole mood! And good idea on bringing goodies to the people behind you in line!


Anonymous said...

As a regular volunteer I would like to add something... when recieving your FREE bag at registration, please do not ask the people there (all volunteers) to look for a specific bag. We do not know what bags are what and when it is really busy we do not have time to tell you several times that we are not allowed to look (and event if we were allowed, we don't have the time) to look for specific bags which may be in a box in the back anyway. Take what you get, be grateful, and if there is one you really want and can't live without, find someone else at the Con that has the one you want and see if they will trade... make a new friend!


AGREE & THANK YOU for volunteering! Directing people to Twitter could be a good alternative...lots of people on there looking to trade!! Thank you for the comment! xo

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