Sunday, March 3, 2013

Officially Nerdy & 30!

Nerdy & 30
part 3
{part one and two}

I woke up yesterday morning and was 30 years old.  I looked in the mirror and there was a 30 year old. I just can't believe it.  I've been on this Earth for 30 years.  I can't stop saying 30!  LOL  I don't feel any different,  I don't look any different, but this feels like a big thing.  A happy thing.  I am super excited to see what this year has to hold.

I woke up super early {because I accidentally turned on the alarm} and went right to opening presents because the Hunny would not wake for another two hours.  I got the beautiful above sign from my Mom {made by the lovely Growing Up Gardner}.  Now can't wait till Les Miserables is out on DVD!  

Then made some coffee in my awesome new TARDIS mug from my Brock friends.  I had a VERY Doctor Who birthday!  Throughout the morning I was summoned to the door for cards, balloons and flowers!  Already early morning and I was getting spoiled!  When the Hunny was finally ready, it was time to get my shop on!

He and I went to the Fashion Valley Mall {the best in SD} and shopped till we both dropped.  He dropped way earlier than me though!  I got lovely new blue Born shoes with a Nordstrom's gift card {Thanks to my B family}.  A red cardi with my Old Navy gift card {thank you H family!}.  And four beautiful dresses {see above} from Francesca's Collection.  My FAVORITE store, awesome quality and great prices.  It was buy one get one half off!  I'm now ready for my brother in law's Mexico wedding!

A quick run home to change into swim suits for the beach and we were off again.  Then inspiration struck as we passed 7-11.  Birthday Slurpees!

 Though it was 80 inland, the beach at Del Mar was quite chilly so we were only there for a bit.  But it was nice to just relax and take in the day.

We then met my other brother and sister in law in the Gaslamp at The Marble Room for dinner.  It was DELISH.  I had a filet and their parmesan fries.  Perfection.

Had do do a quick stop at Starbucks for my FREE birthday coffee,

before heading home for cake!  I had such a wonderful day and got SOOOO many loving words from friends and family near and far.  I can never say how amazing my life is and how thankful I am to have amazing family/friends/job/home/city.  Thank you all for your wishes yesterday they filled my heart!  

Here's to my 30s!!!


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