Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Not So Silent Night

This is the last time I will blog about my 30th birthday, I promise!  I have been a huge music fan for as long as I can remember.  There are certain songs that just grab at my soul and make me feel so much joy and love.  I can't help but close my eyes, lift my hands, dance and sing a long.  My heart swells.  I also tend to nerd out on things in 0 - 88 mph.  So here is my new NERD-bsession!
For my 30th birthday I found out that A Silent Film would be playing in San Diego and I said BINGO! I invited all my best girlfriends and we made a night of it.  It was so much fun, that I would love to do it every weekend!  Last night was a "school" night though and we couldn't go too crazy.
Of course @TillieElvrum was the one who introduced me to A Silent Film  with her best of 2012 mixed CD, so cudos to her for my new loves.  She also said that I would love their openers Royal Teeth, and I completely DID.  I didn't know a single lyric to their songs, but I could not help but groove to their voices and beats.  They were so amazing we all bought their album afterwards.
 Before A Silent Film came on the girls had to buy me a birthday drink!
Then the lights dimmed and A Silent Film's sign lit up as they began to play and I was transported to another place.  I hope my friends didn't think me rude as I rocked out in my own lil world! 
I had such an amazing time and LOVED them to pieces.  I had been listening to their album Sand and Snow for the last few weeks in preparation for the show.  I loved them before, but now I love them even more.  Now while listening to their album, I can feel how it felt to hear them play live and the emotions that came along with it.
After A Silent Film was finished {TOO SOON!} we went out to the merch table.  We were able to meet and talk with Royal Teeth's Nora {we ALL had girl crushes on her!} and Gary {not too bad to look at either ;)}.  They were super sweet, humble and talkative.  It was great to meet them and I can't wait to love their album too.  They will have a NEW album released this spring so keep a look out! Right now you can get their current album Act Naturally on iTunes!  So go get it!
The Music Maven told me that I HAD to go talk with "The World's Nicest Drummer" Spencer from A Silent Film.  So after I bought their two vinyls he was there to sign them and write me a special birthday message.
That was super sweet of him.  He said he was happy to meet me and the other girls and to know that the Elvrum clan won't stop spreading the word on how awesome A Silent Film is!  You can get both their albums on their website!  You really need them, they are super. You'll be late to the party if you don't go now!
Then the girls and I had a nice lil chat with Robert the lead singer of A Silent Film.  He was also a super sweet and humble guy.  Knowing that they are so down to Earth AND talented makes me want to scream out how amazing their are to you all.  Of course if you need even further proof of A Silent Film's awesome-ness look no further than their unofficial ambassador, The Music Maven!


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